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12-20 weeks

8 to 12 weeks old

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Congratulations! It’s so exciting to be welcoming a puppy into your life. We’re so happy you discovered Doglando.

Before you go any further, to help you decipher the differences in the programs we offer, think of your puppy as a living being that needs time, patience, and guidance in their learning from 8 weeks of age to 3 years of age.

Puppies are born with their eyes and ears sealed upon birth, opening somewhere between 2.5 – 3 weeks of age. Around 4 weeks of age, puppies will begin to prop themselves up onto their four feet, developing balance and strength in their cores. This developmental milestone is in preparation for their ability to move around and eliminate on their own.

During the first 7 weeks of life, puppies are acquiring all their senses and learning to manipulate their whole body to become mobile.

Learning is occurring rapidly and a lot is about to change.


How our puppy programs are structured

Puppies are fragile. They require sensitivity, guidance, and patience. At Doglando, our programs have been thoughtfully created with the whole dog in mind.

We don’t approach a puppy from the position of demonstrating control, and we do approach a puppy from the position of providing them the freedom to grow.

A puppy’s journey into adulthood should consist of:

  1. developmentally appropriate learning objectives,
  2. sequential learning structure,
  3. learning by having positive experiences.

With this in mind, our goal is to take every puppy into adulthood as a confident, socially apt, well adjusted, reliable, content dog.


There are three components to our puppy program:

  1. Enrichment
  2. Skill-building and
  3. Training

Ready to join our family? 

Ready to join our family? 


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