Canine Skill Building 

At Doglando, training is a lifestyle. This means, learning is a life long endeavor.

All our programs are thoughtfully designed to promote ongoing skill enhancement.

Our Canine Skill Building program is quite exceptional. It has given “life” to so many adult dogs, who otherwise would have been limited to obedience training the old fashioned way.

Canine Skill Building is great for dogs who thrive, because of the additional guidance, structure, and 1-to-1 support that can’t be provided through our group Enrichment program.

Canine Skill building is not training – it’s learning.

Training happens through repetition. Through Skill Building, learning happens as a sensory experience. One in which all your dog’s senses are activated in a rich and robust way.

Skill Building deepens your relationship with your dog. (read our blog post here)

It’s NOT just obedience. Our focus is on the TOTAL DEVELOPMENT OF THE DOG.

There are 3 Components to Canine Skill Building

1. Skill Acquisition

During the phase of skill acquisition, our dog and trainer teams are focused on building the skills necessary to develop the skill set, with the added goal of helping the dog make sense of when the skill would be useful.

Consider this the first phase of learning.

2. Skill Application

We determine the dog’s ability to apply the skill set (as a whole or in parts) to mock scenarios. The goal is to be able to ask the dog to behave in an established way on-signal within a certain set of conditions that may mimic or resemble the real world.

Consider this the preparation phase.

3. Skill Generalization

This is our first opportunity to assess where the dog can be further supported in their learning journey; moving from the “lab” style controlled setting to the real world. We apply the dog’s ability to perform on-signal, at the level of strength or stronger than in the skill application phase. Consider this phase as the readiness phase.


More About Canine Skill Building


  • It’s important to know that dogs can move between these three phases through out their learning journey.
  • Consider Canine Skill Building as an opportunity to keep your dogs mind, body, and spirit awakened.
  • We often get asked who is Skill Building for? Every dog!
    • Because every dog can benefit from the diverse experiences we create through our Canine Skill Building program. This is not about obedience alone.
  • Canine Skill Building is also fantastic for dogs enrolled in Doglando’s Enrichment program as a way to introduce new learning.

Dogs 8 months and older are classified as “adults” for our programs. 

Ready to join our family? 

Ready to join our family? 


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