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  • Freedom of space
  • Natural Habitats
  • Preserving and protecting normal and natural behavior


  • Promotes healthy muscle tone
  • Relieves stiffness
  • Improves mood and alleviates stress

Learning + Play

  • Learning through play
  • Supporting all life stages
  • Builds rich social experiences with dogs of all ages and sizes

“We believe when dog parents become educated, they will stand up and demand change for the way we care for dogs. Building an educated, informed, compassionate, life-enhancing tribe of dog parents is our passion.” – Doglando

    Puppies 8-12 weeks old begin with our Potty Training and Puppy Development program, then progress into Puppy Preschool (13-20 weeks) and finally enroll in our Pre-K9 training and then continue into Enrichment.

    Adult Dogs start with dog training or may enter our Enrichment program after a successful Behavior Analysis. Specialty Training classes and Skill Building help your dog master real-world skills.

    Senior Dogs (over 8 years) enjoy our nature-rich campus at our Senior Stroll events.

    Dogs need leadership as much as love.

    “Before working with Doglando, I owned boxers that were pretty much bananas. I thought that’s just the way dog ownership was; destructive behaviors, separation anxiety, and chasing them around the neighborhood when they got loose. I was exposed to Doglando while in between dogs, and once we decided to get a puppy I knew that she needed to be a Doglando dog. I didn’t struggle at all with Ella, and followed Doglando’s teachings fairly stringently, and now she’s one of the teaching dogs.”

    Jamie Cole

    My pups are living their best lives at Doglando

    “Doglando has been a second family to my chipoos, Boots & Bella! They started in their puppy program – Doglando was instrumental in housebreaking them too! I know my pups are loved at Doglando! They are living their best life going there! Enjoying nature, the outdoors, while at the same time getting valuable training skills!  Thank you University of Doglando for providing my Boots and Bella an experience like no other!!”


    Doglando has been heaven sent!

    “Abby has improved leaps and bounds since starting at Doglando. She is a joy to have in our lives, and Doglando has helped make our time with her even more enjoyable. She LOVES spending time there and immediately gets excited the minute that we turn into the road to the gate. She loves all the areas where she can play in the water, and is always very excited to be able to play with other doggie friends.”

    Nery T.

    I can’t say enough of what the enrichment days did for Cooper!

    “I enrolled my 4 month old Cooper (a high-energy Goldendoodle) in Enrichment, and the Pre-K9 training class, which includes the one day of Skill Building.

    I feel one of the most important things for a dog is to be socialized. This allows the dog to interact with all sizes and breeds. They are always supervised so it is a safe environment for all the dogs. They can run, swim and just have fun all day and come home exhausted. The training classes were great and the instructors were professional and well-educated on training and problems that can rise. Every time I pulled into Doglando, Cooper would get so excited, to me that says it all!”

    Linda L.

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    Who Are We, Without: a Name, a Job, or the Things We Do?

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    “We are creating memories for the most remarkable association between humans and dogs in captivity, by allowing dogs to be free. This enables companion dogs to live a natural dog’s life and still remain on affectionate terms with humans and our society at large.

    We believe, beneath every behavior there is a feeling. Beneath every feeling is a need. And when we meet the needs, unique to each individual, we are better able to understand just how poorly they’re living. Then, it becomes a matter of dealing with the cause, and not the symptom. As a result, we’re able to heal deeply.“

    – Doglando (about the model of care we call Canine Enrichment)

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