“It’s not about being a dog lover, its just about being a human to dogs.”

– Teena Patel

Teena Patel

Mother, CEO, Founder, Dog Trainer


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Teena’s Upbringing

Born in Nairobi, Kenya, Teena Patel grew up in a community where people kept animals for food and for protection. But, owning pets for the sake of companionship was unknown. She fondly recalls going on safaris and observing wild animals in their natural habitats, citing these experiences as her most formative. Seeing the freedom enjoyed by lions, zebras, and other creatures deeply moved her, and set her future career into motion. Teena moved to the United States as a teenager and adapted to American customs, even getting a pet dog. She also held on to her dream of becoming a park ranger and protecting wild animals.

Teena’s Education

After earning a degree in psychology and an MBA, Teena sought a career where she could channel her passion for the care of animals. First, she tried working as a trainer for killer whales, but became quickly disillusioned by the conditions in which they were kept merely for human amusement. Then, she looked for another way to work with animals and earned a degree in dog training at a prestigious school in New York City. But, once more, she found herself frustrated by the artificial nature of training practices and the lack of engagement with the dogs’ actual needs.

Before she embarked on her professional career, Teena vowed to find a method that would enrich both the lives of companion dogs and the families of companion dogs. She wanted to create a method that would not sacrifice the basic needs of the dog — food, water, shelter, and love. She made it her mission to provide dogs an opportunity to just be dogs, to create a lifestyle for them that allowed them to thrive.

Dog Training in Orlando

Staying true to her passion, Teena decided that there had to be a better way. Drawing upon her childhood experiences, she developed a new method of dog training that focused on the whole dog.

Teena taught people how to interact positively with their animals and to integrate them fully into their lives. She jettisoned the “tricks” and gimmicks that are the standard fare in this industry. Teena quickly earned a reputation as an innovator and won a dedicated following of dog owners in her city of Orlando.

After almost two decades of successful dog training, she wanted to bring her philosophy of enrichment to the blossoming industry of dog daycare. Now with over 20 years at the 6-acre, nature-rich Doglando campus, Teena does away with the standard “doggy daycare” warehousing of animals in kennels and runs.

In place of this industrial model, she focuses on what is right for the animals, providing experiences that improve and enhance their behavioral health. The Doglando team gives each dog the freedom to roam the grounds, go swimming, and play with the staff and other dogs. Coupled with a program of careful training, the Doglando experience results in dogs who are better-behaved, better integrated into their families, and above all, happier. True to her passion, Teena gives dogs the freedom to be dogs.

“I love dogs, but more importantly, I love learning about the dog-human relationship and how that varies amongst cultures. My true passion lies in studying free-roaming dogs and observing their interactions and behaviors. It’s those observations that have how allowed me to truly understand the needs of the modern dog.

There is so much we can learn from the natural environments that animals choose to live in, and the conditions they seek to make them the strongest in survival.  I look forward to the opportunity to share with others the lessons I have taken with me to be able to create Doglando, an enrichment campus for restricted canine companions; a place where dogs can be dogs and live a fruitful and purposeful lifestyle.”

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Ready to join our family? 


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