Training FAQ’s

Are all puppies or dogs enrolled required to provide health certificates (i.e. record of vaccinations, last vet visit, etc)?


One of the main reasons our environment has proven to be safe (especially given that we allow puppies as young as 8 weeks old to begin our program), is because we understand the simple fact that stress induces illness.

Unfortunately, most doggie daycares take in so many dogs each day (and often dogs that randomly come in just for that day), that the staff cannot manage outbreaks of illness and fights between the dogs in their care.

At Doglando, you’ll notice we’re very different...

Whether you are bringing your puppy home from a breeder, a pet shop, or a rescue or shelter, we require that Your puppy live with you for at least 7 days prior to enrolling into Doglando’s Potty Training & Puppy Development program. Why?

  • We want your puppy to feel secure and comfortable in your home.
  • We want you both to have the opportunity to get to know each other. Relationship building is key!
  • We also want to ensure your puppy’s good health. Sometimes the stress of a sudden change, like leaving mum and siblings, is so big for puppies that their (developing) immune systems find it challenging to cope.

For the safety and wellness of all of our dogs, we require up-to-date vaccinations, and a “negative” fecal test.

  • Puppies are required to begin their boosters before joining our program. You will be required to bring in their vaccination records each time a booster is completed, leading up to the full round of vaccinations.
  • We require the following vaccines:
    • DHLPP (Lepto optional) vaccine
    • Bordetella vaccine
    • Rabies (after 16 weeks of age)
    • Negative Fecal test
  • Thereafter, annual vaccines, and monthly preventives for ticks, fleas, and heartworms are required.
  • We maintain a healthy environment at Doglando (for dogs and humans alike!), by requiring all our members to have up-to-date medical records on file with us. We ask that you notify us of any changes along the way.

Are puppies enrolled in our Puppy Development and Potty Training program socializing with the dogs from the other classes?

Yes! We don’t really call this socialization, because it really is more like exposure, and an introduction to other dogs to facilitate social interactions.

At Doglando, we refer to socialization as a range of established behaviors that are elicited as a result of dogs being with other dogs when in play, at rest, and even at “work”; all the while, each dog remains in the mental, emotional, physical, and intuitive state of “friendliness”.

We use the term socialization to describe what a dog does after they have learned the skills to be social.

Introducing young puppies to other dogs (their own age and older) requires careful consideration, scheduling, and management. At Doglando, our priority for young learners is to establish trust, build confidence, and increase connection. There are built-in moments throughout the day, where your puppy is only exposed to other dogs (without physical contact), as well as a set time in the afternoon when our puppies are integrated with adult dogs to develop their social skills.

Our “Blue Card” Teaching dogs and our “Green Card” Dogs are superior in their ability to act as role models for our incoming young learners.

Is socialization only about relationships with other puppies and dogs? Or do dogs socialize with people too?

More than other animals, dogs need people. They should not live in isolation for extended periods of time. We strongly believe this at Doglando. When you can’t be there, count on our compassionate team to be the humans who will provide your dog with the love, companionship, and experiences that bring joy and fulfillment.

In our modern world, where dogs are made to live so closely with humans, it is imperative to build on positive relationships that strengthen a dog’s connection and bond with us.

There are HUGE benefits to starting off with the Potty Training and Puppy Development program:

  1. Establishing good potty training habits, right from the start! (which means fewer accidents at home)
  2. Exposure to other dogs, and even more so to a variety of environmental conditions that promote a rich sensory experience for your dog.

At Doglando, we encourage your dog to experience a variety of textures found in the real world, including sand, rocks, water, forest, and grass. We boast a 40-foot long pool with a diving dock, a natural pond and also a marshy pond area, and a sandy beach with a lagoon. Your dog can wade in the water, take a swim, or jump in and fetch a toy! Doglando dogs can increase their dexterity and balance on our rickety bridge, climb to new heights on our Jungle Gym stairs, and bravely explore tunnels throughout our sand yard and back field.

Does my dog need a Behavioral Assessment?

All puppies and adult dogs over the age of 8 months are required to have a $35 Behavioral Assessment, by a Doglando trainer, prior to enrolling in a training program.

This assessment ensures that your dog will be a great fit for our trainers and Play Professors, as well as for the safety and wellness of the social group of dogs who are members of Doglando.

Learn more about Behavioral Assessments here >

If I understand correctly, do I need to make a weekly commitment to attending the Enrichment Program?

Commitments are hard and we get it, especially when life has its way of showing up even in the best of our intentions.

Dogs are complex living beings. They are highly intelligent, incredibly apt and immensely able! Sure, they can live through many situations and in many environments, but when dogs don’t have some kind of consistency in their daily lives they can’t develop the comfort level of knowing what to expect, and when to expect it.

At Doglando, we’re not talking about survival, we’re interested in providing you and your dog a wholesome experience, one in which every living experience is powerfully enhanced and enriched.

Unlike at a dog daycare, where your dog would be put into a group of dogs within indoor quarters, and where space is limited so that the supervising staff have more control over the disruption of escalation of stress, our environment at Doglando is strikingly different.

To allow your dog the most freedom of choice, space and movement across our 6 acre campus, first and foremost every dog at Doglando is afforded the time, consistency and learning to develop a strong relationship with our play professors.

We don’t treat dogs like machines because they’re not. Therefore, their desire to need to feel safe, comfortable, and be trusting – as well as be trusted – is critically important for their whole well-being.

Especially for puppies, being consistent needs to be made a high priority. It is integral for the success of your dog’s learning and development and essential for influencing good behavior!

The free-range experiences we give our dogs are only possible because of the commitment you make to bringing your dog weekly, on the days your dog is scheduled to attend.

When you and your dog join the Doglando family you become partners in all that we are trying to achieve. Without your full understanding on the role you play, we alone cannot deliver Enrichment.

Much like a Montessori School for kids, Doglando’s environment offers as much structure as freedom. The structure of our program requires weekly attendance on set days, which promotes the dogs ability to learn freely and expansively.

Mandating weekly attendance is one of the simplest ways to help create a truly social experience of a grouping of dogs (as is with humans) as it allows each dog to grow in confidence and skill; and it is one of the simplest way to eliminate stress; having a direct effect on the elimination of illness and fights.

In the event life happens, we ask that you communicate with us promptly, in which case we will ask you to select another day in the week to make up for your dogs’ missed attendance.

Unlike a dog daycare, where attendance is solely based on your convenience… while we honor our hectic schedules, we can not make convenience a priority over wellbeing. That’s just not us!

Also, far different than a dog daycare, we have the same dogs that show up on set days each week and our groups are between 45 – 55 dogs at the most! Hence, we won’t have 35 dogs one day and 105 dogs the next. Even during the holidays!

When must my dog be spayed/neutered?

We require all dogs who are enrolled any program that includes Skill Building or Enrichment days to be spayed or neutered by 7 months of age.

What time do I drop off and pickup my dog?

Doglando is unique in its systems-based approach (unlike many daycares that let you drop off your dog any time of day).

For our team to effectively manage all the puppies and dogs in our care, we require all dog parents to…

  • Drop off your dog between 8am and 9am
    • If you’re going to be later than 9:15am, please notify our team; otherwise, you may be assessed a late fee. 
  • Pick up your dog between 3pm and 4pm
    • If you’re going to arrive late, please notify our team, to avoid “late” or overnight boarding fees.

What happens if my dog misses a week?

It’s really for you to decide if you are looking for a program that supports your dog’s well-being as a lifestyle, or a program that functions as a place for your dog to go when you need it.

We’re it if you are looking for life-giving experiences. We’re not if you are looking for “on and off” daycare.

We suspect you would only miss your dog’s scheduled days of Enrichment on “sick days.” We don’t need a doctors note… good communication is all! In the event of these infrequent occurrences, we will honor your dog’s absence and keep your dog’s enrollment open, of course!

Please note, with absolute kindness and much love, if attendance is an issue, your dog may be asked to resign from our program. We can’t build a relationship with a living being we have limited contact with, even though we would sure love to have your business. Again, that’s just not us.

Once dogs stop coming to Enrichment, may they come back?

There are times, despite your best intentions, life takes over and causes temporary set backs or minor disruptions to the schedule you and your dog had become quite acclimated to.

In the event of a life changing or emergency situation, please know, we value you and we value your dog. If we are made aware of the circumstances, we will reserve your dog(s) place in our program. This is handled on a case by case basis, and we want to assure you that we will do our absolute best to be accommodating and flexible in these times.

Please note, we may require your dog(s) to be re-assessed prior re-enrollment. In addition, your dog may be required to attend our skill building program to help him/her transition back into enrichment safely.

Ready to join our family? 

Ready to join our family? 


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