Our Mission

To provide services that meet the needs of our dog parents, without putting at risk or at stake, the needs of each individual dog, his/her safety, well-being, and health.

Doglando’s Vision

There are three populations whose care is being outsourced by the independent population – those like you and I. We, the independent beings, invite – or in some cases have the responsibilities to care for: dogs, children and seniors, and we outsource their care. And as a result, they are warehoused, class-roomed or institutionalized, held hostage, isolated, and placed into restricted captivity – removed from the great outdoors and nature.

We remove all barriers created to hold dogs, children, and seniors, “captive”, by integrating them back into our societies and offering them nature-rich outdoors space where they can feel grounded, connected, and alive again.

Who do you know that has a dog, or maybe a child, or an elderly parent or grandparent who spends the vast majority of their day fighting their own biology? A dog that has never walked off leash, and only played in a fenced-in yard, a child who is fighting their biology, trapped in a chair, unable to move about, who has never walked barefoot, climbed a tree, or come home with mud all over his face? Maybe it’s your grandmother who is counting down her days; she’s lost all hope and during a part of her life where she should be honored for her tenacity, courage, will, determination, and hard work to have made it through life this far… instead, she is confined within four walls: her bed, and a room where none of her belongings are displayed.

“We aim to give dogs the freedom and purpose they once had. Protecting them from the dangers of the “streets” yet honoring them of all the benefits of having more space, access to nature and a rich environment to roam, we were inspired to give companion dogs some of the simple joys of living.” -Doglando

    We serve as advocates first, in service second, and in business third.

    Doglando’s Culture

    Cultural Requirements

    We are VERY passionate about our team and “tribe” culture. Our culture is NOT negotiable. Our culture is a set of moral and ethical beliefs that not only defines us collectively, but also as the individuals we are. We believe in it wholeheartedly and promise to be advocates of what we firmly stand for, personally and professionally. If you are not “feeling us,” that is okay. We might not be the best fit for you. But, if you are reading this with excitement and vigor, let us continue.

    • We speak openly and respectfully as a team daily.
    • We strive to improve by making continuous changes to our systems and practices daily, or until we are happy with our accomplishments.
    • We refrain from being emotionally vested during conflicts, and use our rational state of mind to foster dialog.
    • We often use words like: soulful, intuitive, behavioral health, enhancement, enrichment, play, freedom, the right to have or own, love, truth, nature, connection, relationship, movement, investment, change, progression, deep, reflect, integration, inclusion, off leash, choice, preparedness, efficacy, cohort, ambassadors, whole body experiences, sensory, environment, dog-centered, co-existence, collaboration, co-operation, continuation, co-habitation, collective, preservation, protection, prevention, partnership, promote, positioning yourself, well-being, multi sensory, teaching opportunities, long term, and science.
    • We are all bio hackers, working daily to improve the human-dog and dog-dog relationship.
    • We are widely passionate about healthy living, and the taste of everything.
    • We protect our workplace.
    • We take great pride in ownership of our jobs.
    • We spend a lot of time together, eat a lot of our meals together, and are deeply committed to helping each other develop personally and professionally.
    • We are authentic, understanding, reliable and loving to our customers and to each other.
    • We think big.
    • We are willing to be vulnerable.
    • We are proactive and are all able to take action without much direction.
    • We live with deep passion and transformational action.
    • We live, love, and learn from being with nature.


    As long as we are living, we are learning. Doglando’s Enrichment program actively protects the existence of vital and functional behavior patterns that promote a harmonious and collaborative relationship: dog-to-dog, dog-to-human, and dog-to-community; this happens over the lifetime of the dog… not just during puppyhood.

    Additionally, Enrichment as a lifestyle gives your dog an advantage on life that keeps him or her happy, in optimal health and wellness, and free of loneliness, boredom, separation, frustration, fear, anxiety, and aggression.

    Most importantly, your dog’s brain is continuously exercised to generate new pathways for learning, resilience, coping, adaptation, and tolerance. This is critical in today’s world, where dogs have been revoked of their purpose (work) and dignity (their pride).

    the whole dog approach doglando

    The Whole Dog Approach


    Through training, we are teaching your dog key behavioral responses to specific signals, which we refer to as skills. Skills are great to have, but practice of these skills is critical in strengthening mastery and fluency. Think of this as learning a language. In “training” your dog is learning the words, verbs, adjectives etc.


    Canine Skill Building

    Through Canine Skill Building, we are building upon learned skills and generalizing them to different scenarios, situations, and conditions (both on-campus and off-campus) to help the learner master the skills and become fluent in them. Using the example above, here your dog is learning to put the words into sentences and beginning to use the sentences in conversation.


    Through enrichment, we are influencing your dog’s intra species sociability. It is in Enrichment that all your dog’s learning (training and skill building) comes together in the most rich and robust way. Off-leash, out in nature, and with total freedom of choice and space, your dog begins to exercise his/her highest learning through enrichment; having to make decisions despite the level of distance and distraction around him/her.

    What’s Your Dog’s Enrichment Journey?

    Ready to join our family? 

    Ready to join our family? 


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