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Advanced Dog Training Classes

If your long-term goal is to have a dog you can take everywhere you go, and to be able to trust your dog in almost any situation that would involve other dogs, other animals, children, people, moving objects (bicycles, vehicles etc.), then you are likely to continue training after your foundational classes.

Think of our Speciality Dog Training Classes as an opportunity to focus on one specific skill more deeply, and develop it in such a way that it can be applied in various situations, conditions, and environments with reliability.


Paul Chance’s definition of learning:

“Learning is defined as a change in behavior due to an experience.”

Doglando’s Definition of Experience: 

Coming into contact with a stimuli or conditions and have an effect as a result. 

Using the above definitions, our Specialty Dog Training Classes are designed to promote learning in a way that is immersive, sensory, and relative to the dog and the world he or she lives in. We’re not just teaching them a behavior, we are teaching them all the variations of that behavior, the range in which a specific behavior can occur, and still earn reinforcement or hold value.

For example, in our foundation classes, you and your dog learn the basics of how to hold a leash (human) and how to manage and maintain the distance of leash offered (dog) in relationship with each other, such that you and your dog are able to walk on a loose leash.

The next level in learning Loose Leash Walking, is to take the basic skills (walking by your side, inside turns, outside turns, and auto sits) and apply them to conditions that you and your dog are likely to encounter when on a walk:

  • How do you pass by another dog?
  • What happens should you encounter a person on a bicycle (wheelchair, stroller or car)?
  • How do you engage your dog when you meet a person, etc.?

The entire focus of our 4-week Specialty Dog Training Classes is on:

  • Proficiency
  • Reliability
  • Critical thinking
  • Generalization

Our Specialty Dog Training Classes

For best results, we recommend that our advanced Specialty Dog Training Classes be taken in this specific order, as each class builds upon the previous skills.

  1. Loose Leash Walking
  2. Recalls
  3. Tails and Trails
  4. Games & Activities

Loose Leash Walking

Week 1: On campus, working through mock scenarios in barn

Week 2: On Doglando Way, taking our mock scenarios to the real world and allowing other conditions to become part of the learning

Week 3: On Colonial Drive, more of the real, less of the mock

Week 4: In the public, field trip & graduation


There is one skill every dog in our Enrichment program will learn to respond to reliably, and that is to come to us when we call them – known as a “Recall”.

Recalls = direct access to freedom and less stress.

Imagine being able to open your front door without worrying about your dog taking off and not coming back.

Imagine being able to take your dog off leash in a huge open field, and knowing when you call his or her name, they will immediately come back to you.

Imagine having the freedom to drop your leash (where the right opportunity presents itself).

Dogs are living beings, exactly like us. There are going to be things that excite and interest them, and times when the temptation to pursue that interest becomes an urge. Wouldn’t it feel great knowing even in those situations you can call your dog back?

This four week class focuses on lessening the proximity between dog and human… and to do so, we first must let them go. In the constraints of our safe campus, we will teach you how to respond when your dog gets too far or takes off. With much practice, patience. and time, you will be able to generalize these skills and experience more enjoyable activities together – off leash.

Ready to join our family? 

Ready to join our family? 


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