Behavioral Assessment

You’re probably familiar with the term, Temperament Assessment. It is a tool used by doggy daycares to “test” how safe a dog is amongst other dogs and in group play.

Typically, tests result in a pass or fail response by the evaluator. Tests are not an indicator of how to better support the dog nor do they give us information about what the dog knows and doesn’t know.

We refer to the above way of conducting an introduction as “flooding”.

Doglando’s Definitions




The covering, submerging, or drowning of normal living conditions. In psychology, flooding is a form of behavior therapy where desensitization or exposure to something occurs at a rapid or intense rate for a prolonged amount of time, forcing the subject to confront their fears, into coping. 



A person or animal’s nature, characteristics, or personality related to genetic contribution before the influence of the environment.


Given the definition of the term “Temperament”, it is reasonable to assume that assessments are useful to help determine and interpret a dog’s personality, and more specifically (in our case), we are interested in making connections between the dog’s learning history and experiences he or she has had in the past.

Therefore, at Doglando, we will conduct a functional behavioral assessment, to evaluate or estimate each dog’s ability to enter an experience like Doglando, and the quality of their behavior I.e., how they relate to our world, make sense of it, and where they need further support, guidance, or skills to help them become successful in their transition and to thrive thereafter.

Our assessments are only a guide. It’s a valuable tool that helps us to interpret your dog’s behavioral response based on certain conditions (experiences your dog is likely to have when with us), in a way that is:

  • Observable
  • Measurable
  • We can all remain unambiguous in our interpretation

Using our data, together we will come up with the most ideal path for your dog. Nurturing your dog along their learning journey is very important to us, and we know it is to you as well.

Behavioral Assessments are just $35, and required for every adult dog and puppy over 8 months old. 

Before paying for an assessment, we require all new members to first take a tour of Doglando’s nature-rich, 6-acre campus.

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Ready to join our family? 


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