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Puppies 13 weeks to 20 weeks of age

Much like we do with children, we place a heavy and unreasonable burden on puppies to learn, develop and mature, way before they are developmentally ready.

At Doglando, we know dogs can be taught many skills as adults, however there are some characteristics that are essential for skill acquisition and life as a companion dog, that must be developed during puppy hood or the opportunity is lost.

The focus of this program is to ensure that the delivery of support for each puppy is honored to suit them as an individual. This means, appropriate guidance is tailored to meet each dog’s needs, and interactions with other dogs are facilitated in a manner where by the engagement between the dogs is observed and measured as friendly.

Dog-to-dog interactions during this phase are essential to increase sociability; however, they must be properly guided to prevent puppies from developing skills called play “fighting”, which are highly unnecessary for companion dogs.

Experiential learning environments provide learners with rich and robust learning opportunities and help the learner “connect the dots;” in other words, make sense of what they are learning, how it applies to their interactions with other beings, and why it serves them in behaving in this certain way.

When these opportunities are presented by providing nurture vs. exerting pressure to obey/conform or control, the end result is far different. Consider Puppy Preschool as the experiences before higher learning.

    In this program, puppies will learn to develop in 3 key fundamental areas:


    1. focus
    2. engagement
    3. awareness

    Developing focus, engagement and awareness are essential elements for learning. Puppies will further their learning by:


    1. Connecting their names with a recall (connection with human, especially caregivers, becomes more important than all others)
    2. Engaging with dogs of all ages and sizes in a socially respectful and appropriate manner (learning etiquette)
    3. Gaining awareness of all the different aspects of their environment (building assurance and confidence)

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