Doglando’s 5-Step Adult Dog Learning Journey begins with…

adult dog foundations

8 months and older

At Doglando, technically, we refer to all dogs under the age of three as puppies. This is because dogs don’t become mature until 18 – 36 months of age, when they reach social maturity. Until then, they are rapidly moving through various phases of their development.

The function of the environment during these phases is critical to the process by which they accumulate experiences, learn, and become.

To be able to design classes that are more relevant to the natural development of dogs, we categorize dogs by age, and refer to dogs who are 8 months and older as “adults.”

You will have 3 packages to choose from. Our first 2 packages include 1 or 2 days of weekly Skill Building, plus Doglando’s online training program, which includes weekly online support from our trainers. Our third packages includes 3 days of Skill Building but no online trainings. To establish the strongest relationship with your dog, we highly recommend investing the time and energy into practicing training exercises with your dog (package 1 or 2). 

Doglando's Game Plan for Dogs 8 Months +

This is the learning journey your dog will take at Doglando:

Step 1: Pass a Behavioral Assessment with a Doglando Trainer

Step 2: Adult Dog Foundations Level 1 (6 weeks of Foundational Training + Canine Skill Building with Doglando trainers)

Step 3: Adult Dog Foundations Level 2 (3 weeks of Advanced Training exercises + Skill Building with Doglando trainers)

Step 4: Adult Dog Foundations Level 3 (3 weeks of Applied Learning for real-world scenarios + Skill Building with Doglando trainers)

Step 5: Progression from Skill Building into Doglando’s Enrichment program.

By the end of this strategic approach to training, you will have an incredibly well-balanced, socially apt, obedient, and happy adult dog!

Learn all about Adult Dog Foundations Level 1 and schedule your Behavioral Assessment >>

Meet Your Training Team

You’re Fully Supported!

Rachael and Amber are her to support you every step of the way!

In Adult Dog Foundations, each week you’ll receive new video training lessons, which you can watch on your own time and practice at home with your dog.

A week later, you will meet Amber on a Zoom Q&A Call where you can ask her any questions you have about mastering and advancing your skills.

Anytime during your training program, you can send our trainers videos of you working with your dog, and get feedback on our private Facebook group for class!

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