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Adult Dog Training 8 months and Up

At Doglando, technically, we refer to all dogs under the age of three as puppies. This is because dogs don’t become mature until 18 – 36 months of age, when they reach social maturity. Until then, they are rapidly moving through various phases of their development.

The function of the environment during these phases is critical to the process by which they accumulate experiences, learn, and become.

To be able to design classes that are more relevant to the natural development of dogs, we categorize dogs by age, and refer to dogs 8 months and older as “adults”.

You will have two packages to choose from. Both packages include Skill Building. This is a necessary component to learning as it establishes the relationship between skills learned and their application to real life.


What's The Doglando Game Plan For An Adult Dog?

Below is an outline that describes the most comprehensive approach to training with your dog at Doglando:

Step 1: Adult Dog Foundations  (6-week Foundationa Training + Canine Skill Building w/ our trainers)
Step 2: Loose Leash Walking  (4-week Specialty Training)
Step 3: Recalls – Specialty Class  (4-week Specialty Training)

The above steps are listed in the order that the classes should be completed. Of course, each dog should be treated as an individual, and in some cases the arrangement of the Specialty classes may be different based on your dog’s needs.

By the end of this strategic approach to training, you will have an incredibly well-balanced, socially apt, obedient, and happy adult dog!

When can I enroll my adult dog into Enrichment?

Most adult dogs are required to take at least our Adult Dog Foundations class before entering Enrichment. This prepares them for the relationship they need to have with our Play Professors, and the skills they need to demonstrate in a group of dogs, when given the maximum level of freedom across our 6-acre campus.

Can I schedule a behavioral assessment for my dog?

Yes, absolutely! A behavioral assessment will help determine the path your dog will take

(a) if our Adult Dog Foundations class is necessary, or

(b) if direct enrollment into our Enrichment program is possible

Click here to schedule an Assessment >

Meet Your Training Team

Amber and Rachael lead your weekly Practice Sessions and Specialty classes.

In Adult Dog Foundations, each week you’ll receive video training lessons, which you can watch on your own time and practice at home. A week later,  you will come to Doglando to practice in the presence of our trainers. In between Practice Sessions you can also send our team videos of you working with your dog, and get feedback on our private Facebook group for class.

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