We are always asked about our practices related to strengthening a dog’s ability to come to us no matter the environment they are in, indoors or outdoors.

On our Enrichment For Dog Parents Facebook page, one our members asked us about how to strengthen her dog’s recall, especially outdoors and when off leash.

She posted a short video of her working with her dog at home, demonstrating her dog’s recall. She called her dog, and then asked her to sit, and further delayed the reinforcer momentarily, before offering it to her.

Then, she practiced a number of other behaviors, such as “sit” and going to bed… all of which her dog did.

But the question still remains, “How do I get my dog to come reliably when I call her?”

When working with a recall, we have found it incredibly helpful to reinforce recalls without asking the dog of anything in addition. This allows us to stay enthusiastic about them coming to us, and to reinforce heaving for the simple (but not really all that simple) act of coming to us.

Watch today’s video to learn more about improving your dog’s recalls.

After watching, share in the Comments below, and let me know how your training is going.


    • Teena Patel

      The basis are often forgotten or overlooked in terms of importance, and its a good reminder to tune in to the fundamentals. Thanks for your feedback.

  1. Sami

    Sami has been ignoring her recall and then expects reinforcement. She has selective recall. I will definitely use your method repeatedly. Thanks Teena

    • Teena Patel

      Excellent! Please let us know how it goes.

  2. Penny Bodenhamer

    “Extending the amount of time” you spend with your dog after delivering the promised reward/treat is brilliant. It makes so much sense, and I can’t wait to do this with my dog. It’s gonna’ be so much fun for us both! Thank you!!!

    • Teena Patel

      Thank you for sharing the exact piece of advice you felt was most powerful for you. What you identified with is quite huge… you will see… in fact, it’s transformative. I would love to hear from you once you put into practice.