Talk About Love

We should be talking holiday season, but I feel like talking about love… can we?

I’m becoming quite fond of waking up each morning, more curious about love, connection, and joy… It’s a powerful way to begin each morning, and it’s energies transcend into every experience throughout the day. It’s unbelievably potent, and I am learning, it’s incredibly important for you and for everyone and everything around you.

Exploring love in its most pure form, free from limitations, conditions, restrictions, and rules, is so freeing.

Little by little, you’ll learn it’s broad spectrum, vibrant and full of light, loving another being so deeply is like letting them loose, setting them free.

Harnessing the thing you love, leashing the being you love, is ownership.

It puts you in the position of learning love in a way that leads to obsession, possession, control, overprotection, and sometimes even extreme measures of force when you find it still slipping away.

Desperate to take its own form, that thing you loved so much begins to take on a form shaped my stress.

But when we attend to the true reasons we tend to control, we can begin to realize how much we get in our own way of having an abundance of love and giving an abundance of love to everything around us.

To Love and Show Love

What does this have to do with dogs and our work at a Doglando and why am I speaking about this today?

Because to love and show love and be loving is a big part of our work at Doglando. Our work can’t exist without it.

All our systems, all our policies, all our protocols, and our entire internal cultures is based on love. Love for our property, love for our people, love for our dogs, love for living to the fullest expression of our true selves… and therefore when we are loving, we give.

Thank you for allowing us to be us, and for showing up to receive in the way we know how…

You, make Doglando whole.

Happy Holidays!