Happy Holidays?

For many in our industry, today is certainly not a “happy” holiday.


With this holiday comes so much stress. Kennels full, facilities overcrowded beyond their designed occupancy, staff over-worked and exhausted, and for many dogs, this is their first experience away from their families.


Of those dogs who have had a “boarding” experience, many of them have only experienced it during the holidays, so they reluctantly are having to endure another round of high stress.


Stop and Smell the Holiday Treats

Like most businesses, there are seasons in which the business experiences high volume. Often, proprietors see this as an opportunity to grow their business, or make up for the not-so-good months. For many, to turn down “business” by saying “No”, is the hardest commitment they have to prove to withstand when measuring up against quality care.

Our industry is going through a transformation. Even among those who have – for years – operated highly successful, high volume daycares and kennels, one thing remains consistent… the stress of our work doesn’t lessen in time, nor with more money.

For those who have conquered this, we know how important it is to join in the festivities with the rest of the world, and we are committed to making it possible for us and our teams to also celebrate a joyful holiday season.

I find it important to sit in the seasons we are in, so that we can really be with our current situations and explore them deeply. Then, we can begin to see every decision as a choice for “having something.” That something is different for all of us, and that is perfectly fine!

If today is exactly how you would wish for it to be, then you are where you want to be. If today is anything short of “happiness,” then push yourself to feel the happiness from within, and let it fuel your desire to make significant changes this upcoming year, so that you can move in the direction of total wellness.

We wish you and your family – including your dogs! –  joy, purpose, impact, and significance in the upcoming year!

Happy Holidays from Teena + Team Doglando!