Last week, I spent 7 days in Guatemala with two of our students from the Canine Enrichment Academy (CEA). I’ve been documenting street dogs, free-roaming dogs, and village dogs in developing countries for two decades now, and the idea of hosting a Street Dog Retreat has crossed my mind many times.

Finally, this year we decided to give it a go! We began by inviting our CEA students to join me on this trip. I knew this experience would serve them in a massive way, solidifying their understanding of Doglando’s purpose as a Canine Enrichment Center. More importantly, it would give them a firm basis for what enrichment is and what enrichment is NOT.

Allowing them to accompany me on my trip to Guatemala was a no-brainer. I felt that observing street dogs would accelerate their learning of Enrichment, and also allow them to be expansive in the way they think about how dogs live, learn, play, and work.

In only two days, they reframed their own perspectives on what dogs need to be happy. As days went on, and many hours of deep conversations and discussions, their awareness for what our dogs are “missing in their lives” became more and more evident. This was an incredible experience for me to bear witness to and be a part of!

You’re invited to join us our next Street Dog Retreat in Panajachel, Guatemala!

Mark your calendars for November 2-8, 2020. We’re opening up this trip to everyone because we believe dog-loving parents like yourself, are the advocates our industry needs to push for change.

We also believe that if you had the opportunity to see and learn from street dogs, you will better understand how whole, complete, and expansive their lives can be.