During this sensitive and fluid time, we find ourselves being challenged most by our company’s core values.

As an Enrichment Center, we are steadfast in providing optimal conditions to enrich the emotional, mental, physical, nutritional, intuitive, and behavioral lives of dogs – and people too.

This begins with becoming fierce protectors for our own people… the individuals who have committed to bringing the Doglando philosophy to life.

We are choosing to go through these times with the intention to be mindful of all the areas of one’s life that become effected by choosing to stay open instead of closing.

Taking each day as it comes, we know all we have to do is make the best decision for the issue we face directly in front of us.

I have always vouched I would never lay off anyone. This is a huge and sensitive issue for me. I feel it is our responsibility as a business to commit to those who serve us in service by being accountable for how our business grows to ensure jobs for the people we bring on.

On the same note, I feel, being that the nature of our business cannot continue by having our team “work from home,” closing is not an option (for now) either.

Of course, careful consideration is being made for staying open. Our team is current with the news and following all suggested protocols to ensure the safety and health of all.

Whether we will remain open or choose to close in the upcoming days, the one thing we are certain of is, our company will do everything in its power to make it possible for our team to continue to provide for themselves and their families.

We are extremely grateful for our members, many of who have reached out to us and expressed their concerns for us – the people behind the dogs.

We are all one!