Dogs thrive on predictability. You may find yourself adopting a routine for getting ready each morning and heading to work. A meaningful ritual would take into consideration your dog’s needs for feeling safe, especially during an event that may bring them much stress… such as their anticipation of you leaving for the rest of the day. Rituals that include your dogs, such as getting them ready for their day at Doglando at the same time you are getting ready for work, allows them to ease their minds in knowing there’s something in it for them. You’re creating the possibility for them to channel anxious energy into enthusiasm. At Doglando, our Enrichment program is created with three things in mind:

  1. A predictable structure
  2. The need for companionship
  3. Developing certainty

In the work of Canine Enrichment, we make it our number one priority to ensure each dog’s need for predictability by adopting a structure to our day that allows them to feel safe, comfortable and exercise choice. Our groups of dogs don’t change day by day. We have a set number of dogs that come on each day, and based on the day(s) of the week, every dog is required to attend on scheduled day(s). At Doglando, we pride ourselves in having a low staff turnover rate. The mere ability to develop true companionship is based on having a relationship. We believe relationships cannot be effectively developed without the opportunity to have a huge number of positive interactions over a long period of time. In other words, we believe that our interactions with each of our dogs carries over in time, and we want to be present for them throughout their whole life. By positioning ourselves as the constant, amongst all the changes that go on in their home-life and world outside of Doglando, we are sensitive to how stress is perceived through the eyes of the dogs, and our team has taken on the responsibility of showing up in company to help you give your dog the best dog life ever! It is our choice, and best practice, to adhere to implementing policies that allow each one of our dogs to have certainty in their life. It is how we have successfully created an empowering Enrichment experience for all dogs of any age, size, type.