“It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

During lunch, I was speaking with Brandee and our team about the different spheres of Canine Enrichment.

Brandee is particularly keen and interested in exploring “food enrichment.” She is incredibly passionate about nutrition for dogs – a topic that is highly-sensitive, and often under-rated when it comes to addressing canine wellness.

She was sharing a recent experience she had in speaking with one of our members about their dog’s food, and had offered some advice on considering options that would help support the dog through better nutrition than the tempting “add on’s” they top their dogs dry food off with.

She wasn’t expecting what happened later. Now, if you’ve met Brandee you know she is soft spoken, incredibly gentle, and I would even say, a bit hesitant and shy to be the first to engage.

Yet, she is a powerhouse when it comes to understanding canine nutrition.

It’s okay that not everyone will be open to receiving guidance in every sphere of canine enrichment. They are doing the best they can with where they are, and whatever information they have for now.

But if you happen to be that dog-loving mum or dad, who is really pushing yourself to offer your dog the absolute best support in all areas of wellness, then food is certainly one you must draw your attention to.

In fact, in the model of Canine Enrichment, we believe care must be given through nutrition, even before any kind of stimulation, activity, or exercise.

Once you do, you will begin to notice the immediate changes:

  • smaller poop, with no odor
  • healthier coats
  • stronger muscle tone
  • clean teeth and odorless breath
  • no need for supplements

Remember, enrichment is encompassing of the whole being… and nutrition – NOT food – is an element equal to all other spheres.