Today, I’m inspired to talk about how we support incoming dogs through the different programs that lead to allowing them to have enrichment in their lives.

We do this by:

1. Having an end goal in mind.

2. Being very clear about what that end goal looks like from a behavioral perspective – meaning the goal must be (1) observable, (2) measurable, and (3) unambiguous.

3. Providing them the behavioral support they need via our teachings of the skills that would benefit them, specifically related to the end goal experience.

We tend to seek training for our dogs based on obedience, yet these skills often don’t help us achieve the results we wish to have so that we can do more with our dogs, such as: taking them with us in public, trusting them off leash, interacting safely with other dogs.

At Doglando, we recognize the importance of our relationships with our dogs. We believe our dogs should be involved in meaningful teachings – not just teaching them things that benefit us.

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