It’s both the privilege and responsibility to fill into our capacities and potentialities. Every dog’s wellbeing is our most important responsibilty. We have the unique privilege to continue supporting the lives of dogs, even during times of such despair and uncertainty and we are given this honor because we have achieved a high level of trust in all the ways we demonstrate care for both our two legged members and our four legged friends. A dear friend said to me yesterday “your business is successful because you have successfully targeted the point of intimacy.” For a moment, his words rang around my ears, not really making much sense. As I sat with his words, I felt an inner strength bounded by our roots, established deep into the earth. A sense of comfort knowing we have always operated from a place of essential and not greed, with courage to do things drastically different, and with companions (our members) who have always allowed us to flow through hardship with as much ease and grace as possible; offering us the precise support we need to ebb and flow with the waves and yet keep our ship sailing, and our team being. As we continued our conversation, he reminded me of the purpose of businesses: to be in service of the needs of humans. And today, as we embrace whatever it is that became the catalyst for the how and the why… we’re redefining our truest needs. If we can build our businesses to sustain our lives as a human, and if the work we do leaves an imprint for the ones who are about to come, then the birthing of a new world has begun. In all of this we express grattitude for all those we have served over the last 16 years and we will continue to cherish the priviledge and honor we have to change the way companion dogs experience life with their beloved humans by becoming responsible for giving them back their freedom to thrive.