To many people, dogs are valued members of the family. This means that their pup gets to participate in all family activities, including Christmas presents.

Are you stumped about which toys to get for your hard-to-please dog? This list is exactly what you need. We’ve compiled a selection of some of the year’s hottest dog toys. With everything from squishy squeaky toys to hide-and-seek sets, there is something here to delight the heart of every puppy.

Multipet Loofa Floppy Water Bottle Buddies Squeaky Plush Dog Toy

multi pet floppy water bottle loofa dog toy

More for the smaller dog, these toys are both crinkly and squeaky, promising something for each dog regardless of which sound he prefers. Even better, this toy is gentle on the teeth and gums, which is great news if you are concerned about your pet’s oral health.

This dog toy is so satisfying to chew that your dog will be entertained for hours. Accordingly, you won’t have to worry about destructive behavior as much.

The outside of this toy is fun and floppy, but it disguises a plastic water bottle, which most dogs love to chew on. Although the exterior is quite soft, it also is surprisingly durable so that your pet can enjoy this dog toy for a long while. Also increasing the longevity of this toy is the fact that the water bottle can be removed and replaced. This also makes it possible to easily wash the exterior covering.

Chuckit! Ball Launchers

ball launcher for dogs

Do you have a dog that would play fetch all day if you let him? Chances are good that your throwing arm will get tired long before your pet gets tired of chasing the ball. Plus, you may not be in love with handling a wet, slobbery ball.

This is why your pup needs a Chuckit! Launcher. The Chuckit company makes a wide range of launchers, each with an ergonomic handle for your increased comfort. Choose how far you want to throw the ball and what size ball your dog loves to chase. If your dog needs to run longer distances, then go for a longer launcher to ensure the longest throws ever. Your pup will love it.

These ball launchers will be popular with you too as they enable you to pick up the ball without bending over. Even if the ball lands in the mud or water, your hands won’t have to get messy. The launcher firmly grips the ball and then releases it as you swing your arm.

If you’re not looking for a ball launcher, check out the Chuckit! website anyway. The company makes a wide range of balls and toys, including balls that are designed for kicking and rolling, that are definitely worth checking out.

Mammoth Tennis Ball Dog Toy, Extra Large

mammoth tennis ball for dogs

With a six-inch diameter, this tennis ball is larger than any that you’ve seen before. It’s designed to delight larger dogs that need an outlet for extra exuberance and energy. Made from rubber and featuring a felt covering, this tennis ball is perfect for hours of playing fetch. If you are looking to create an opportunity for positive interactions with your pup, this ball is the ideal excuse.

Some pups even sleep with the Mammoth Tennis Ball because they love it so much.

Jolly Pets Signature Jolly Balls

jolly pet dog soccer ball

These high-quality balls for dogs are exceptionally durable and available in a wide selection to suit your pup’s need for play and exercise.

For instance, the Jolly Soccer Ball is perfect for pups of all sizes. Available in three colors, this dog-proof ball is made of exclusive JollyFlex material so that it cannot deflate even if it is punctured. This lets you and your pup focus on playing without worrying about damage to the ball.

Another option is the Tug-N-Toss. It’s available in four sizes, up to ten inches in diameter. One side of the round ball is equipped with a handle for you to hold onto as you throw. Easily floating through the air, this ball then bounces crazily when it lands on the ground, translating to hours of entertainment for your dog. This ball does not require inflation, and some of the colors are scented to drive your dog to distraction. You can play with this one in the water too.

Among other products, Jolly Pets also makes a Teaser Ball in four sizes. Constructed with one ball inside of another, larger ball, this puzzle toy will keep your pup occupied for hours on end. Play with it in the water or smear a bit of peanut butter on the interior ball. Your dog is guaranteed to be enraptured.

Outward Hound Hide a Squirrel Plush Dog Toy Puzzle

squirrel dog toy

Here’s another dog toy that’s capable of captivating pups for hours and hours. This soft, plush toy consists of a stump that’s filled with plush squirrels. The design of this toy eliminates dog boredom while also encouraging positive play. Your pet’s natural hunting instincts will come to the fore as she tries to track down the soft, squeaky squirrels.

You fill the trunk with the six squirrels, then place it or toss it so she can go to work. You can even toss the squirrels and have her bring them back to the trunk. The possibilities are practically endless.