In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo, we believe in thinking differently, we believe in providing dogs with experiences that will help them thrive in captive living, and we believe in having open communication and an exchange of dialog between all the human counterparts that are connected in enhancing each dog’s quality of life experience.

And the way we began challenging status quo back in 2003, was to give our dogs the freedom of space. In doing so, our dogs created their own freedoms. These included the freedom to learn, the freedom to express themselves as normal, freedom to be in nature, freedom to think, do, bark…

“Doglando became less about discovering something new, and more about uncovering something old.” -Teena Patel 

We’re weren’t just providing enrichment,

we started providing life-bettering imagination

From almost two decades of field research on street dogs and free-roaming dogs in developing countries, we have referred to an extensive range of data to help us develop our model of care – now commonly used, and called Canine Enrichment.

We have the dogs in our care socialize and interact in diverse groups of mixed breeds, ages, and sizes. We give our dogs our attention in an intentional way, by interacting with them with purpose to develop – first and foremost – a close human-dog relationship so that it carries over to their home-life.

We have policies that we are governed by, so that we can reliably deliver our intentions, and equally important so that we can align ourselves with dog parents who are in agreement with us in the intentions they have created for how their dogs should live, learn, and play.

We just happen to be a great doggy daycare.

“We believe dogs learn best off-leash, in nature, through play, and when they are honored (not tested) to be the creatures they are (not can become).” -Doglando

Our WHY Explains Two Other Truths About Us

Truth # 1

Why our members choose to stay true to their commitment to bring their dogs to Doglando twice a week, and in some cases 3 times a week, and have done so even 10 and 12 years later.

Our goal is not to do business with every dog parent in Orlando. Our goal is to do business with people who share what we believe in.

It’s not part of our “psychology”, it’s part of our “biology.”

Truth # 2

If you are the type of dog parent who finds absolute joy in hiking with your dogs, off-leash on trails and through the woods, or if you are the type of dog parent whose heart sings when you see your dog frolic through open fields far away into the distance, prancing gracefully and in full extension of their gait, running through the marsh, diving into the pond, to finally find the perfect spot on the beach sand to lay down in a shallow den, while basking in heat from the sun, then Doglando is for you.

We Believe

We believe dogs thrive most when they can exercise their desires (much like us). We believe dogs don’t need food, water, shelter, and love more than they need the freedom to be free. We believe dogs need access to the great outdoors. We believe they need fresh air, open fields, trees, large bodies of water, dirt, and human company. We believe dogs are healthiest when they are free to express themselves, and we believe they are highly capable of avoiding fights, forming rich relationships with both intra- and inter-specific species.

We believe dogs are incredible adapters… they have evolved alongside mankind and other animals for billions of years. We believe restricted environments are slowly killing our dogs.

We believe our dysfunctional lifestyles are contributing to their ill-health. We believe dogs know how to co-exist, co-habitate, co-operate and collaborate… harmoniously with people, dogs, and to a certain degree, with other animals. We believe their intolerances (also know as reactiveness) are inadequacies created by their human counterparts.

“We don’t have a plan, we have a dream. Our dream is to experience dogs in the same way our grandparents experienced their dogs. Living freely, walking children to the bus stop, and being faithful companions.” -Teena Patel


    When our members show up at Doglando, they’re not showing up for us… they are showing up for themselves. For what they believe about Doglando.

    Our work is quite simple – we exist because we have busted through the myths of “need to be strict, show who’s boss, need to be an alpha, need to take things away and need to bribe, need to motivate, need to deprive, need to use force, intimidation and pain, need to control, need to manipulate, need to modify behavior, need to train, need to teach.” These needs are ours, not theirs.

    And, as we continue to become more and more congruent with the way dogs think, feel, and do, we are merely experiencing the joys of re-booting a relationship that was once known as “man’s best friend”.

    Okay, okay, we realize that’s too far of a stretch, and times have changed.

    We can still be the fierce protectors, untiring advocates, and loyal companions our dogs need us to be.

    That’s our “Why”.

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