With Teena Patel, LLA, CPDT
and the University of Doglando

Five Full Days of Dog Daycare Owner Training at the University of Doglando
Monday, February 5 – Friday, February 9, 2018
12276 E Colonial Dr, Orlando, FL 32826

Registration deadline January 15, 2018!

Do you want to enhance your daycare experience to make it more meaningful for your pet parents and their companion dogs?

… What if you could do that, all while solving some of the most common stresses you have as a dog daycare facility owner or operator?

Think about how effective you could be if you resolved staffing issues, learned how to work with canine behavior and not against it, and had tried-and-true systems that simplified operating your facility.

Your dog daycare business, simplified.

Moving beyond traditional dog daycare and implementing an enrichment-based model can transform your business and the level of care you’re able to offer.

Today’s companion dogs are stressed out at home and in the world, and they bring that energy to your dog daycare when their owners drop them off. They don’t possess behavioral wellness, which makes your job more difficult.  This requires you and your team to be knowledgeable and skilled in dog behavior and training.

You shouldn’t have to spend your time and resources learning about how to manage group play, how to break up fights, how to stop barking, and so on.  

Don’t settle for accepting barking as a norm, or dogs being out because of stress-induced illnesses. You can take pride in your facility knowing that you’ve never witnessed a dog fight.  

Trust us, it’s possible.  

An enrichment-based model that focuses on behavior wellness can change this, and more, for your business.

During five days in Orlando, Beyond Dog Daycare will show you that it’s possible to take fewer dogs, give them a superior experience to traditional dog daycare, and grow your business with staff who are committed to your shared vision of making life better for everyone… dogs and humans alike… all while increasing revenue.

Join Teena Patel, Founder of the University of Doglando

When Teena first created the University of Doglando 10 years ago, she thought of it as an experiment. She wanted to experience the reality of a better, more fruitful way of doing dog daycare.

That experiment worked, and now Doglando leads the pet care industry in dog daycare services. We do that by differentiating ourselves as an enrichment center, and not a traditional dog daycare.

If you feel you’ve been lacking that “secret ingredient” to making your dog daycare superior, especially in the experience you create for your dogs, your staff, and your clients, then this course is for you.  

Maybe you’ve read every book on dog behavior and spent hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in staff training resources and you are still working in your business not on your business.  

This course has been thoughtfully designed to give you the opportunity for hands-on training and theoretical coursework. We’re committed to ensuring you’ll leave fully equipped to see positive change in your business.

There will be a mix of hands-on demonstrations, lectures, field trips, and more led by Teena and the Doglando Team. Sample topics include:*

Putting the Dog into Daycare
Learn all about enrolling a dog into your daycare, including the questions you need to ask yourself as you assess clientele and dogs to determine whether they are appropriate for your program. You’ll be able to answer the question, “Who is my target client/dog?” Once you know the answer, you’ll find dogs who will stay with you for a lifetime.

Your Dream Daycare: Low Stress and High Impact
Understanding how our environments impact behavior is critical in coming up with solutions that will result in behavior change, which is the ultimate goal of your enrichment program. In this session you’ll learn effective practices that you can apply immediately, and others that you can implement over the next 3 months. Very soon you will be running an entirely new operation.

Adding Enrichment to Your Facility
Before you can add enrichment to your facility, you have to understand what this label means. If you’ve ever wondered how to offer enrichment, Teena will explain exactly how to achieve it at your facility. Criteria, policies, practices, structure, business model… it’s all covered in this hands-on experience.

The Doglando Daily Flow
Beyond Dog Daycare is designed to teach you how we do things at Doglando and show you how we maintain a low-stress environment and why our dogs thrive. A big part of that success comes from our relay model, where every staff member is on the same relay team. By utilizing a predictable flow you ensure that your staff and the dogs know exactly what to do and when, and this session will show you how to create your own sequence of events.

Policies and Procedures that Flow and Work
When you have an enrichment-based daycare model, policies and procedures take on new importance. Enrollment, attendance, drop-off and pick-up times, number of minimum required days per dog per week… it might sound like a lot, but establishing these rules will pay off.

Educate Don’t Expect: Explaining Your Enrichment Program
Your clients might not understand exactly what an enrichment program entails, and it will be your job to explain it to them. In this session, you’ll learn about the importance of tours, clear client communication, and the importance of education. Your business is about to be entirely different from a traditional daycare, after all.

Corporate Culture: What Does it Mean? Why Should it Matter to You?
A well-managed corporate culture leads to flourishing productivity and creativity, reduced turnover, and a sense of cohesiveness and support. Dr. Iris Rivera will guide attendees in understanding the impact of corporate culture and how to assess their own. The results of the assessment will be used to develop your own mission, vision, and values and how to apply them across business practices for a truly competitive advantage. The results can be incredible: such as, staff members who are all on the same page, working toward the same mission; clients who truly understand your value; and a community that understands companion dogs better.

Dinner Discussion: Managing Your Corporate Culture
A common misconception is that corporate culture remains within the boundaries of the business. However, a corporate culture that is effective and productive requires consistent management from the candidate recruitment stage all the way to customer and community interaction. During this interactive dinner session, we will discuss best practices for maximizing your corporate culture for improved business results.

Training New Hires to Succeed
One of the toughest parts of running a successful operation is the investment we must put into our new staff. Managing and training daycare staff is time consuming and continuous. In this session, you’ll be taught the training practices we use at Doglando to ensure new Play Professors are effective. You’ll also receive the documents we use, like checklists, daily reports, how-tos on working dogs, and more.

Interviewing Potential Human Clients
Who is your perfect client? When you identify this from the beginning, running and growing your business becomes much easier. You can interview potential clients to ensure they’re a great fit for your enrichment program, and this session will teach you the questions you need to ask to secure lifelong clients who understand the value you and your team deliver.

Assessments: Pass, Fail, or a Learning Tool?
In the animal domain, assessments generally measure what the animal “is” or “has” rather than its ability to learn, and this is the first flaw of assessments. As a result, we all have different interpretations and opinions about the dogs in our care, and this influences the care we offer. You’ll learn commonly used and agreed upon definitions for temperament, personality, and assessments, plus Doglando’s Assessment Framework, to bring science-backed uniformity to your program.

The Traffic Light System of Categorizing Dogs (Red, Amber, and Green Card Dogs)
Using our policies and a dog’s behavior as guidelines, we can identify which dogs fall under certain categories. At Doglando, we use a Red, Amber, and Green Card system. The information in this talk will show you how to establish consistency so that you and your staff know exactly how to treat each dog. On the client side, this system is another tool that helps you demonstrate the importance of your policies and procedures.

Assessing Incoming Dogs
Assessing incoming dogs is something that many dog daycare owners and staff members struggle with. Should assessments even be done? We’ll discuss the pros and cons of assessing and not assessing. No matter how you handle assessments, you’ll have a clear “Why?” for your policies.

Integrating New Dogs
This talk builds on our Traffic Light System: Every dog starts off as a Red Card Dog, but we want to turn them into an independent, behaviorally enriched Green Card Dog as soon as possible. How can you set up incoming dogs for success within your program? You’ll learn the exercises, routines, and activities that you and your team will complete with every new dog that enters your facility.

Introducing Puppies
Is your facility the right fit for puppies? We’ll tale the emotion out of the decision and assess criteria like environment, staffing, space, and knowledge. Puppies require deliberate work in every interaction, and you need to be prepared for the amount of effort required. This seminar will focus on conditions that cause abnormal behaviors, the exercises and routines you can do with puppies, commitment from owners, and much, much more.

Learning 101
To offer enrichment, you need to understand the fundamentals of learning, including the science of behavior change. We’ll talk about the language everyone should be using, and then we simplify that terminology so that you and your staff will always be consistent. You’ll learn how to use terms like behavior, learning, positive/negative reinforcement, signals, and cues in the appropriate manner, too.

E is for Environment – The Influence of The Environment on Behavior
All behavior is a function of its environment, but what does the environment look like, and what does it have to offer an animal? Environments are incredibly complex, and you’ll learn how to offer a thoughtful and well-planned environment that takes different types of dogs into consideration. We’ll discuss the effect that environments have on behavior, with additional information on how we can engage each of the dog’s five senses.

4 Divisions of Canine Well Being: Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Innate
If we want the dogs in our care to learn, they can’t be stressed out at our facilities, and we have to tap into their mental, physical, emotional, and innate needs. This talk will explain how we can positively influence each of the components that lead to a behaviorally enriched dog. For example, you’ll learn how to create policies that help respect the fact that our dogs do have emotions, and so much more.

Practical Games and Activities
An enrichment program includes a variety of games and activities designed to enhance a dog’s mental, physical, emotional, and innate needs. This practical talk will cover one-on-one games, one-on-one activities, group activities (like group sits), and other things you can do with the dogs in your care.

Multi-dog Households – How to Make this Work
At Doglando, we typically have multiple dogs from the same household join us on different days. Why? In short, each dog is given ample opportunity to feel enabled and to be enriched, unhealthy attachments can be broken, and owners can develop a unique relationship with each dog. With this policy, educating clients is vital, and we’ll show you exactly how to educate owners and explain your policies.

The Use of Reinforcers in Daycare (Toys, Treats, and Praise)
All behavior, when reinforced, maintains itself or increases. In a true enrichment facility, the mere act of the behavior that the dog engaged in is reinforcing to them. This enlightening discussion will explain the different types of reinforcers you can use in your facility. Spoiler alert: Play and experience can reinforce behavior, too! We’ll also cover the purposes of different toys and treats to ensure every item in your environment has a purpose.

Forced Nap Times vs. Self Napping
When you have policies that don’t interrupt the dog’s day (like sporadic pick-up and drop-off times), plenty of outdoor space, and established routines, dogs are free to nap at their leisure. We view self-napping as another part of a behavioral wellness approach where we teach our dogs how to “turn off” when they’re ready by creating an environment that allows them to nap whenever they need. This discussion will dive into the benefits of this approach, and we can all discuss the pros and cons together.

Crates or Cage Free?
We’re advocates for using crates, simply because most dogs are used to them, but it’s not the only way to go. This section of our seminar will discuss why you might want to use crates, or go cage free.

Collars, Harnesses, or Naked During Play
In the grand scheme of things, *anything* can be dangerous, and we’ll teach you the pros and cons of each policy. At Doglando, we advocate the use or properly fitted collars (no choke chains or martingales). This prepares dogs to accept sensations around their neck, but healthy play interactions also have their role: Our “Golden Rules” for play don’t allow for dogs to grab one another’s necks. In the end, your approach is what creates a safer experience, and you’ll learn exactly how to craft that approach.

Individual Coaching For Your Facility
Your facility is unique, and you deserve some individual coaching to determine how enrichment can work for your business. Over the weekend, you’ll be given a skill-building homework assignment to determine what positions you’ll have, the job descriptions for each position, the flow that will work best, and more. Teena and the Doglando team will be there to help, too. You’ll walk away with an actual plan that you can use with your current employees and new hires alike.

Play: What Does it Look Like, How Does it Take Form, Who Are the Players, When Are They (Not) Playing
There’s a lot more to play than many people realize, and this in-depth talk will break it all down for you. You’ll discover what healthy play looks like between dogs, what different behaviors truly mean (including body language), and more.

Why is Play Crucial for Development?
Play is an effective learning tool for *all* living beings, including the dogs that we care for. In this talk, Teena will explain the different stages of canine development, with an emphasis on why play is so important. This background knowledge will enable you to create and offer healthy play experiences (that also make your job less stressful!).

Doglando’s 7 Golden Rules to Facilitate Play (And Have No Doubt That it is Play)
Now that you have the theoretical knowledge you need about play, it’s time to put it all into action. We’ll share the rules that Team Doglando has developed to facilitate healthy play interactions between the dogs at your facility. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to ask questions, so come prepared for an interactive session that will make you think.

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In every session, activity and group meal, you’ll receive practical information that you can use in your dog daycare, right away. It’s the most innovative, interactive, and effective dog daycare owner training available.

After leaving Doglando, you will:

Learn how to accurately assess new dogs coming into your program

Know how to take on fewer dogs, all while increasing revenues

Understand canine behavior, and exactly how to reinforce desirable behaviors

Learn how to use different every-day items for enrichment activities

Have an actionable plan to put into practice that will change the way you do daycare in 3 months or less

Be encouraged, empowered, and educated to run your business with tremendous success

Feel ethically and morally righteous about the behavioral health of all (dogs, staff, and clients)

Have plenty of opportunities to ask Teena and the team specific questions – we’re all here for you to learn from

Be excited about your dog daycare business, because all of the sudden… everything feels manageable, and even exciting!

What else does Beyond Dog Daycare include?

Teena and her team will share:

  • Business-growing ideas
  • What we need to know from free range dogs
  • Dog behavior and terminology basics
  • How to open a world of enrichment for your dogs
  • Live, hands-on, practical demos

You’ll also get an in-depth look at the Doglando daily happenings, including how we work the dogs that come to Doglando, the activities we do together, the processes behind the action, and much, much more.

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What is Behavioral Wellness?

We all have an understanding of the concept of wellness as it relates to our physical health. We know that if we do things like eat the right foods, exercise, and get enough sleep we’re more likely to feel good. In short, achieving physical wellness requires the development of a thorough plan of active care, and you have to stick to that plan.

Believe it or not, this same relationship between input and result can be seen in behavior.

Behavior is anything that a dog, a human, or any other creature does in reaction to its environment. Behavioral wellness is the positive end state of a well-designed and actively implemented plan that is intended to bring about a desired group of behaviors.

Behavioral wellness as it relates to dogs is far more than simple obedience, it also enhances the human-canine bond and the dog’s quality of life by taking account of its entire range of experiences and challenges.

What Doglando clients have to say about our enrichment-based program

When your clients know how to interact with their dogs, and when they have a sincere interest in learning everything they can, your job gets a whole lot easier. Your clients will be thrilled, and they’ll stay be with you for the long haul. In fact, many of our Doglando dogs have been with us their whole lives.

“Doglando is the only program that taught how to do all of the things that Google said to do after getting a new puppy.”

“Now I know how to have a relationship with my dog.”

“Enrichment is about teaching them how to be a dog in our world.”

“The biggest takeaway I’ve gotten from Doglando? Always be learning about your dog.”

Feedback on Teena’s unique insights into the dog daycare industry

Here’s what other dog daycare professionals have to say about Teena’s useful, actionable information that you can use in your facility right away.

“I was extremely impressed with Teena and her passion for creating a stress free environment for dogs and employees … It’s hard to put into words the relief, joy and passion that she incited in me with her seminars. It’s like the missing link I have been looking for has been found!” – Pet Boarding & Daycare Expo attendee, November 2016

“My colleague and I were blown away by Teena’s philosophies and how they were implemented  within her facility.” – Pet Boarding & Daycare Expo attendee, November 2016

“Teena’s ideas are above and beyond what’s happening in the industry, and her ability to execute is amazing.” – Pet Boarding & Daycare Expo attendee, 2013

“I loved Teena’s incredible understanding of and empathy for the canine condition in the U.S., and her unique and wonderful ideas to address it. I wish I could have simply opened up my head and and poured her knowledge in. I now have so many possibilities for how to make my daycare more dog appropriate.” – Pet Boarding & Daycare Expo attendee, 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the seminar schedule?

The seminar runs 7:30-4:00 pm daily except for one day which runs 9-5 pm (TBA).  Dinner is on your own.  There are several restaurants within walking distance of Doglando.

Are there any scholarships or payment plans available?

No, unfortunately we do not have any scholarships or payment plans available.

A 50% deposit is due at registration, with the remainder due on February 1, 2018.

What is your refund policy?

All deposits are non-refundable.

Is there a limit to how many people can participate?

Yes, we have a limit of 15 attendees for the course. The course is going to be intimate and hands-on, so a group of 15 passionate, excited dog daycare owners will ensure you get the best experience possible.

Space is bound to fill up fast, so be sure to reserve your spot today.

Do I need to have an established dog dayccare facility or business?

Nope! Because you’ll be learning a completely new business model, Beyond Dog Daycare is appropriate for new businesses or facilities making the transition to an enrichment model. Offering a healthier, safer, and more enriching experiences for your canine clients will require changes to your existing operations.

Basically, everyone will be learning and changing together.

Who is Beyond Dog Daycare designed for?

If you want to elevate your dog daycare business and the experience that the dogs in your care receive, this course is for you.

If you want to hire, train, and retain long-term, high-performing staff members who are highly interactive with the dogs at your facility, you’ll learn how to make that happen.

If you’ve ever felt stressed or overwhelmed by your facility and your business, Beyond Dog Daycare will give you the systems you need to regain control.

Will this seminar help me if I already have a dog daycare?

In one word… YES!

You’re going to learn a completely new and innovative model over the 5 days you spend in Orlando. You’ll walk away with tons of ideas, and your mind will be opened up to the importance of design, how to use outdoor space, nontraditional setup ideas, and so much more.

Regardless of your current environment, you’ll learn exactly how make the most effective changes that have the greatest return on investment (for your mental and financial health).

Is anyone not an ideal fit for this course?

If you want to grow your traditional, kennel-style dog daycare, this course won’t be what you’re looking for.

If you’d like to increase the volume of dogs that you care for, Beyond Dog Daycare isn’t the course for you. In many cases, moving to an enrichment model will actually lessen the number of dogs you’re able to effectively care for.

That doesn’t mean your revenues will decrease (in fact, you could find yourself raising your rates and more than making up for the difference in head count), but it is something to be aware of.

If you have any specific questions about whether or not this course will work for you and your facility, please get in touch with the Doglando team. We’ll answer any questions you have.

How will Beyond Dog Daycare help me grow my business?

At Doglando, we focus on the whole dog (that means their brains and their bodies), and also on your whole business.

You’ll learn how to establish rules, implement best practices, create a mission and mission statement, how to get your current and future clients on board to help you make it a reality, and so much more.

And, if you have any specific questions, that’s what we’re here for. We hope all attendees will come with open minds, a sincere desire to learn, and lots of questions!

Where can I learn more about Teena Patel and the University of Doglando?

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