Puppy Training Level 2

Intermediate Puppy Training Class

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  • 12 weeks of online video-based lessons
  • 11 weekly Practice Sessions at Doglando


Age: 16 weeks – 24 weeks (Pre-Requisite: Puppy Level 1

Course Duration: 12 weeks

Course Description:  Continuing on the foundation built in Puppy Level 1, the Puppy Level 2 training class introduces your dog to further basics in obedience commands such as: stand, pivoting, down from a stand, around into heel, leave it and bed/place.

Remember, all content covered in our courses is taught such that you and your dog understand its application, so that it becomes a “natural” process for both.  For example, the command bed/place can be applied when answering the door, when keeping a dog out from underfoot, or when enjoying a lovely meal at a dog friendly restaurant.  Each skill mentioned above has such applications.
This course begins to define the roles between you and your K9 companion. This is the most important step for any owner to take with their puppy as we begin to allow the dog to work more independently; trusting his/her ability to make decisions that yield to favorable outcomes that we can reinforce.  In addition, we begin to work off leash and towards the end of the course we will prepare them for the next step in Advanced PreK9; taking the teams out in public places.  This course is certainly one that can have the most long lasting results.

If you have any questions about our courses or methods of training, or would like to inquiry about classes that are currently enrolling, contact us today and one of our campus coaches will be happy to get back to you.

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