As part of your puppy training experience, you may choose to add our incredible skill-building and field trip sessions to fully round out your puppy’s education.  While formal puppy training classes meet once a week (usually Tuesday or Thursday), the day training sessions occur each Friday during the six weeks of class.

Your puppy will:

  • Spend quality, one-on-one time with a trainer, learning valuable life skills
  • Experience, in a safe and supportive setting, grooming and bathing and a basic physical exam, including foot and ear handling and body touching
  • Practice putting on a collar and leash, waiting at doors, and housebreaking skills
  • Interact with other puppies and with Doglando’s patient adult “teaching dogs”, who will instill proper canine manners, respect for boundaries and the rules of appropriate play
  • Learn to swim, strengthening his or her body and learning about how it moves and works in relationship to the world
  • Improve his or her performance on skills learned in class — performing in new areas, at larger distances, and for longer duration.
  • Relate skills learned in class to real-world skills — gate exercises, for example, become “wait to enter car”, “wait to leave car”, “wait to greet new people” and much, much more.
  • Increase his or her confidence, strength, balance, attention span, and willingness to learn

166028_10153472012284849_467082599763416228_nEach week your puppy will build on (or “proof”) the skills used during class that week.  For example, if “Sit” was introduced during class on Tuesday, on Friday your puppy will experience “Sit” again, but this time in new places (improving the skill when faced with increasing distraction), for more time (improving the skill when faced with increasing duration), and at greater lengths away from the trainer (improving the skill when faced with increasing distance).  The “Three D’s” — distraction, duration, and distance — prepare your puppy for use of his or her skills in the real world, which is not a calm, directed classroom setting.  The more variables your puppy experiences during his or her education, the more prepared he or she will be to respond appropriately when faced with previously unknown experiences in the real world.

Day training is an incredible opportunity to give your puppy the complete education he or she deserves.  A puppy who has completed the full curriculum of class, including the skill building sessions, will have a well-rounded education complete with a wide variety of background experiences which have prepared the puppy for future, real-world encounters: the first vet visit, the first groomer visit, and interactions with other dogs.  The puppy will be eager and willing to learn, with a resilient, forgiving nature and a robust confidence which will allow him or her to try again and again, if necessary, to succeed at a task.

Skill-building and field trip participants also receive additional training materials, such as a treat pouch, and a supply of chemical- and bleach-free raw marrowbones for use in training at home.

A sample day training schedule includes:

  1. Crate exercises — learning eye contact, the mechanics of training, attention to the trainer, and to wait for a signal before going through a door.
  2. Dog interaction — a visit to the outdoor sand or grass yards with the other puppies-in-training and with our adult teaching dogs, learning gate exercises, attention to the trainer, patience, respect for boundaries, and self-control, as well as appropriate play behavior.
  3. Rest period in crate (marrowbones are supplied for entertainment)
  4. Swimming lesson — a safe, supervised and supported experience in water gives the puppies confidence while swimming as well as enhanced appreciation of their body’s capabilities, including flotation, muscular power, stretching and reach.
  5. Rest period II, with marrowbone
  6. Next week’s class exercises introduced, to “prime” your puppy for the next class.

If you have any questions about our courses or methods of training, or would like to inquire about classes that are currently enrolling, contact us today and one of our campus coaches will be happy to get back to you.

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