The Importance of Giving Your Puppy a Great Start to Life

The University of Doglando’s puppy training is carefully and strategically planned out, giving every dog and their family the fundamentals that lead to a strong, lifelong foundation of success together. These fundamentals will help us build on life skills that are paramount to grooming, veterinary exams, swimming, and teaching etiquette in public places.  

Beginning with Pre-K9 Level 1 (Puppy) Training, and into our Enrichment Program, you and your puppy will be learning together while building a relationship that will develop over time. It’s the type of relationship that will give you the greatest amount of freedom and trust in your dog. By the time your puppy is 8 months old, it is VERY possible to have him or her be:

    • Out in public
    • Off leash
    • Highly responsive and predictable
  • Displaying social etiquette toward other dogs, children, people and other elements of our environments.

But this is only possible if you work together and learn together from the very beginning.

Committing to Your Puppy’s Development

Your commitment to the physical, emotional, mental, and innate development of your puppy during his or her first two years of life is essential if you desire a well-rounded companion dog.  

Most pet owners spend several thousand dollars on training before the dog’s third year of life. Often, at this point, the work involved in managing the dog’s behavior or modifying the dog’s unwanted behaviors is unmanageable due to time restrictions. Devote your time and effort in the first two years of your dog’s life to prevent problems occurring later, and you both will be golden.

For almost two decades now, the University of Doglando has experimented with the format of puppy classes. Puplando is the most comprehensive puppy kindergarten you will come across. Puplando offers the most ideal, most influential, and most successful class formats for companion dogs, and we take great pride in the relationships we build with our puppy parents.

Puplando: The Most Effective School For Your Puppy

Think of Puplando as your dog’s kindergarten and elementary school. A place where your puppy will make life long friends, and together they will learn and grow with each other.  

This is what real socialization looks like.

An environment that is conducive to the total well being of the learner, so that the learner (your puppy) can learn to cooperate, communicate, collaborate, and co-habitate with others.

And, for you, Puplando is a community of like-minded dog parents.  

The Puplando difference is that we are not just one six or eight week class. Our program is curriculum-based. The content of the entire program follows a logical sequence of learning in an environment that is safe, fun, and highly engaging.

But, most of all, our training is applicable to the real world.

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