Sometimes life gets in the way of securing the foundation you want with your companion. We can help with this too! We offer private in-home training for when the class option just doesn’t fit your lifestyle, or you have an erratic work schedule and cannot commit to 6 weeks.  Private lessons are also perfect if you need help with one specific issue and you don’t need to take a whole class.

We can hold the sessions in your home or at the University of Doglando campus.

We cover training for all aspects of dog life: from swimming lessons or dock diving lessons to addressing aggressive behaviors or perfecting leash manners.

Please call the University of Doglando at 407-574-3160, or send in a training inquiry to get started.

Cost: $525

Age: 8 weeks – Senior

Course Duration: 5 sessions – Must be at least 1x per week with a maximum of 5 consecutive weeks.

Course Restrictions: 5 sessions must be used within 5 consecutive weeks upon the start of the first session. We have instituted this policy in order to stay on track with your dog’s progress and maintain a level of consistency that will allow you to achieve your goals. Life does happen and we will do our best to be accommodating if an emergency does arise, but we ask that you respect the time and work you and your dog are putting into this training. The 5 session package is non-refundable and non-transferable.

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