The University of Doglando offers a board and train program where your dog can live with one of our trainers for two weeks and receive consistent engagement and reinforcement of obedience and behavioral shaping of manners and socialization. Our Trainers will discuss your needs, your goals, and your wish list!  From learning not to get on furniture, to where to ride in the car, we help tailor the training to your needs.  We will help you understand your dog and their needs, and discuss with you how to fulfill them.  If you want your dog to learn how to play fetch, how to ride in a kayak, how to swim or run beside a bicycle, we can help.  We want your dog to be your companion, so we will do what we can to make sure you and your dog can do as many things as possible together.

Where the Trainer goes, your dog goes. Your dog will attend enrichment during the day (upon passing a Temperament Assessment), and will go home with their Trainer in the evenings.  Taking your dog into public places, shopping centers, farmers markets, and parks is all part of the course.  At home we work on Housebreaking, discouraging counter surfing and general in house manners.  When it’s time for your dog to go home, we will sit down with you to discuss the training your dog has achieved, and we will work with you so you know how to work with your dog.  We will hold one class at the University of Doglando at pick up, and a second class in your home (depending on location).

If you are interested in board and train or one the other courses offered by the University, please feel free to fill out this training inquiry, or call the University of Doglando at 407-574-3160!

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