AA_101Adult Dog Training

This is our foundation adult dog obedience course, available to all dogs starting out at the University of Doglando. It teaches communication between you and your dog, and teaches basic commands with increasing levels of Distance, Duration and Distraction.  Even if your dog already knows the basics, this course will reinforce and advance those techniques to the next level.

Cost:  Please contact us for pricing and training options.


  • 6 weeks of Online video-based lessons
  • 6 weekly Practice Sessions with a Trainer at the Doglando campus
  • 6 weeks of Skill Building (1x or 2x weekly)

Upcoming Classes: 

handlers and dogs walking away

The Basics:

  • Loose Leash Walking – using your body cues to move in the different directions indicated by your shift in position (left and right), and “auto sit” when you come to a stop.
  • Sit and Down, with a built in Stay
  • Heel and Front Positions
  • Name Recognition
  • Engagement Games

We do not teach “Stay” as a command; instead, we teach our dogs to remain in a “sit” or “down” until we release them.  Same concept, with less words.

In addition to the basics, we also teach commands like Drop it, Leave it, Target, Bed, and Crate.

Once your dog learns the basics we begin increasing the 3D’s, Distance, Duration, and Distraction.  We will go outside to train and take in all the real life distractions we can to begin generalizing these behaviors. We want your dog to be able to perform these skills not just at our facility, but anywhere they go. We want to give you and your dog the confidence in each other, and as a team, to be able to go out into the world.  We teach the practical application of each of our commands so that you know how to tailor them to your lifestyle and needs.

If you have any questions about our courses or methods of training, or would like to inquire about classes that are currently enrolling, contact us and one of our campus coaches will be happy to get back to you!

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