The University is proud to offer a full option of courses for students seeking a complete education in Dogology.  Our program of adult dog training classes includes:
AA 101AA_101
This beginner adult dog training class introduces dog and human to training methods, timing, and development of understandable cues with the introduction of “sit”, “down”, “stay”, and an introduction to working with the crate (if applicable).
AA 201aa 201 logo
This intermediate adult dog training class encourages dog and human to advance in their training.  It re-covers much of the material in AA 101, except with emphasis on performance with more distraction, at greater distances, and for longer duration.
BS in Dogologybs in dogology logo
Our advanced adult dog training class covers all of the above — except in a new outdoor, public location each week, exposing our training teams to new and unusual situations and providing tools to handle each of them.
Preventing Food Aggression
Prevent aggressive behavior around the food dish with this unique class.  The goal is to stop the problem before it starts through proper education of pet and owner.  For dogs of all ages.

Our curriculum is fully adaptable to the needs of all our students — classes may cover additional or slightly different material at the discretion of the instructor.  For more information please contact us!