Tractor Supply Training Day

July 14, 2015by doglando0

Today we worked on loose leash walking during the morning hour when the sun wasn’t beating down on us and the dogs. The walk went well, some dogs are still slightly distracted by birds, squirrels, people and traffic, but others are doing super!

This afternoon we took a training field trip to Tractor Supply where we got to get the dogs ready for more human interaction! The youth and dogs did excellent! They worked on loose leash walking down and through aisles, with a stop and sit at the end of the aisles, and the youth would randomly stop to see if the dogs were paying attention. Another tool the youth used in their training is the sit and wait, which gives the handler time to pick objects off the shelves and check items out.

Outside in the equipment section at Tractor Supply we worked on more loose leash walking with a more challenging distraction….CATS!! The dogs did well and so did the youth! Great team work, inside and outside turns when the youth felt the dogs were approaching a distraction, and above all wonderful manners from both! Tractor Supply welcomes us back!


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