July 18, 2017by doglando0
Today we doubled down on crate exercises and their variations (bed, hula hoop, and pedestal). The dog is *generalizing* its crate skills — staying in place until released not just in a crate, but in a hula hoop, on a bed, and on a pedestal. The dog is also adding “getting onto a pedestal”, “lying down on a bed”, and a variety of other skills to its arsenal.
After lunch we got to work for our fundraiser, where we hope to raise $400 for United Against Poverty. We all made nifty key holders with paw prints, hand prints, and other messages on them. Along with baked goods, we put these up in the Doglando store and are hoping for donations!
We got out on a field trip today! We took a brief trip to Panera Bread, one of our favorite destinations. We took a walk around the outside of several stores, met some nice people who were interested in our dogs, and grabbed some food for a restful break before heading back to Doglando to clean up.
Can’t wait for tomorrow!
Alyssa and Jack - AS6J6022
Kiera and Trinity - AS6J5999
Taylor and Rockwell - AS6J5896
Justin and Carlos - AS6J6004
Sarah and Tanner - AS6J5954
Audrey and Moana - AS6J6544
Liberty - AS6J5873
Dominic and Liberty - AS6J5886
Tess and Titan - AS6J5916
Ella and Charlie - AS6J5889
Carlos - AS6J6616
Zeus - AS6J5902
Elsa and Jack - AS6J5908
Ella and Zeus - AS6J5844
Tanner - AS6J5937
Charlie - AS6J5891
Rockwell - AS6J5968
Kylie and Maui - AS6J6030
Mckenna and Kane - AS6J6036

June 21, 2017by doglando0

Today was a very busy day. It started with a potty break and then went right into crate exercises, and then loose leash walking — outdoors! Being outdoors is always harder than indoors, because there’s so much more to distract the dogs.

After lunch all the puppies got baths and nail trims. Then we made “Adopt Me!” bandannas while the puppies dried off. Once everybody was beautiful and pretty, we took our formal photos for the dogs’ web pages!

At the end of the day we learned about successive approximations by “training” a bicycle to move while steering it only with pieces of string. We weren’t quite as good at “training” the bicycle as we were at training our dogs, but we learned a lot.  We can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring!

Ashley and Annalesa - AS6J5496
Ayla and Softie - AS6J5158
Addison and Coconut - AS6J5107
Ella and Colton - AS6J5154
Rylan and Trinity - AS6J5352
Carlyn and Girl - AS6J5317
Alyssa and Chance - AS6J5493
Sophia and Harry - AS6J5309
Peyton and Lynsey - AS6J5228
Chloe and Jack - AS6J5301


June 23, 2016by doglando0

Today we worked on loose leash walking some more (it’s very hard!).  Then we added some new tricks — “bed exercises”, which emphasize the dog lying down on a dog bed while the handler works on distance, duration, and distraction; “door exercises”, where the campers learn how to teach the puppies to go through a door politely; and “cone exercises”, or “around”, which teaches the dogs to move away from the handler, go around an object, and come back.  We thought about how tricks like this might be used in the real world — you will hardly ever have to go around a traffic cone while out for a walk, but what if your dog got his leash wrapped around a tree and you could just say “around” and he’d walk away from you, go around the tree, and come back, with his leash now unwrapped?  Cool!

At the end of the day we had a visit from Mary with Canine Companions for Independence, who taught us about how CCI “socializes”, or raises, their puppies to be incredible service dogs.  We got to meet Ralphie, a real service-dog-in-training!

Ayla and Sugar Berry - AS6J2351
Ralphie from CCI - AS6J2381
Dominic and Boris - AS6J2263
Katie and Ross - AS6J2286
Sarah and Apollo - AS6J2214
Haylie and Bella - AS6J2308