Jun 292017
Today started off with some work on the recall — we went out in the Tree Tops area with the dogs on a long line, one or two at a time, and practiced recalls with them. Then we went out and walked along Colonial Drive for a bit, getting better at working through distractions.
After that we reviewed our homework, and talked about learned helplessness and how that can affect training.
Just before lunch, Mari and Trenton from Canine Companions for Independence stopped by, and we got to learn about how they train hearing alert dogs for the hearing impaired. Trenton alerted Mari to all sorts of noises, including an alarm sound he’d never heard before, and correctly led her to what was making the noise!
After lunch we hopped on the bus and rode to Greenwood Park, where we practiced recalls — a little bit — mostly we just ran around and had fun. Some of the dogs were more willing to go into the lake than others — some were just content hanging out peacefully with their human in the quiet.
When we got back we did cleanup and then had some quiet time. Looking forward to another eventful day tomorrow!
Jun 272017
Today was another busy day. We reviewed previous training and then added “down” on the pedestal, duration for sit/stay, and more finesse on loose leash walking.
We walked all the way down the driveway and walked up and down on Colonial Blvd (on the sidewalk!), getting the dogs used to the sound and feel of traffic and then walking in tight formation with other dogs.
Afterward, we learned about how stimuli in the environment can affect how well we work with our dogs, and how well our dogs work with us.
Then we went to Panera Bread for lunch outside with the dogs! We did a little training there, but mostly we ate lunch and said hello to a lot of nice people who were interested in meeting our dogs. We always refer them to Pet Rescue by Judy!
After Panera we visited Lowe’s to expose the dogs to another new environment. We walked around in the lumber department (which was pretty empty) and then moved over to appliances and let the dogs get used to the sound, smell and feel of stove and fridge doors that open, drawers that slide, and anything else we could get to move.
When we got back to Doglando the dogs were TIRED!, so we let them take a well-deserved nap in their crates while the humans went swimming.
Jun 222016

First thing in the morning we worked on loose leash walking outside some more.  Then we went to the Bithlo-Christmas Neighborhood Center for Families to deliver the meals we made last night.  Campers brought hot meals and water to people who really needed them.  (Doglando works with the Bithlo center as part of Full Tummy, a program which delivers free dog and cat food to families in need.)

Afterward we drove to the Greenwood Urban Wetland to let the dogs be dogs and to have a picnic in the park.  Dogs who enjoyed the water were allowed to fetch sticks out of the lake while other dogs preferred to play on the shore and just watch.

At the end of the day everyone was so tired we had naptime!