June 29, 2017by doglando0
Today started off with some work on the recall — we went out in the Tree Tops area with the dogs on a long line, one or two at a time, and practiced recalls with them. Then we went out and walked along Colonial Drive for a bit, getting better at working through distractions.
After that we reviewed our homework, and talked about learned helplessness and how that can affect training.
Just before lunch, Mari and Trenton from Canine Companions for Independence stopped by, and we got to learn about how they train hearing alert dogs for the hearing impaired. Trenton alerted Mari to all sorts of noises, including an alarm sound he’d never heard before, and correctly led her to what was making the noise!
After lunch we hopped on the bus and rode to Greenwood Park, where we practiced recalls — a little bit — mostly we just ran around and had fun. Some of the dogs were more willing to go into the lake than others — some were just content hanging out peacefully with their human in the quiet.
When we got back we did cleanup and then had some quiet time. Looking forward to another eventful day tomorrow!
Mari and Trenton - AS6J0366
Jack and Xena - AS6J0532
Addison and Xena - AS6J0436
Mari and Trenton - AS6J0389
Peyton and Lynsey - AS6J0035
Chloe and Jack - AS6J0030
Audrey and Harry - AS6J0050
Ashley and AnnaLesa - AS6J0451
Alyssa and Chance - AS6J0461
Mary and Gracie - AS6J0088
Ella and Colton - AS6J0581
Ayla and Softie - AS6J0462
Rylan and Tanner - AS6J0415
Carlyn and Girl - AS6J0466


June 23, 2016by doglando0

Today we worked on loose leash walking some more (it’s very hard!).  Then we added some new tricks — “bed exercises”, which emphasize the dog lying down on a dog bed while the handler works on distance, duration, and distraction; “door exercises”, where the campers learn how to teach the puppies to go through a door politely; and “cone exercises”, or “around”, which teaches the dogs to move away from the handler, go around an object, and come back.  We thought about how tricks like this might be used in the real world — you will hardly ever have to go around a traffic cone while out for a walk, but what if your dog got his leash wrapped around a tree and you could just say “around” and he’d walk away from you, go around the tree, and come back, with his leash now unwrapped?  Cool!

At the end of the day we had a visit from Mary with Canine Companions for Independence, who taught us about how CCI “socializes”, or raises, their puppies to be incredible service dogs.  We got to meet Ralphie, a real service-dog-in-training!

Ralphie from CCI - AS6J2381
Haylie and Bella - AS6J2308
Dominic and Boris - AS6J2263
Katie and Ross - AS6J2286
Ayla and Sugar Berry - AS6J2351
Sarah and Apollo - AS6J2214