June 24, 2016by doglando0

WP421873In the morning we packed up our things, tearfully left the puppies at Doglando (no pets allowed at the Zoo!) and went to the Brevard Zoo to see how people work with other animals.  We got to see meerkats and siamangs and even meet some giraffes on the Zoo’s giraffe-eye-level feeding platform.  Everybody got to feed a giraffe a lettuce leaf.  The giraffe’s head was almost as long as some of the campers were tall!

When we got home we went swimming very quickly one last time and then went to work cleaning out the barn for graduation which started promptly at 4:00.  Almost 50 people were there, including everybody’s parents and even members of the community interested in adopting the campers’ dogs.  For the graduation presentation every camper showed a video about his or her dog, and then all the campers got up, got their dogs, and demonstrated all the things we learned over the last two weeks.  Everybody did great, at door exercises, crate exercises, cone exercises, bed exercises and even at loose leash walking!  We have all learned so much!

At the end of the day we paused to say goodbye to our camp dogs.  These dogs come to us from local shelters (in this case, Pet Rescue by Judy) and for two weeks, the dogs think that this is their new life, and we are their new owners.  We are very sorry that we now have to make the dogs sad by sending them back to the shelter, but dogs who have been trained at Camp Doglando always eventually get adopted, and are never sent back to the shelter once they are adopted — they have great training and great manners and every single one of them is fantastic with kids, a wonderful pedigree to get them the best new homes and keep them there.

On the bright side, Bella’s new family was here today to take her home after graduation, and Steven’s family adopted Diesel, who also went home right then and there!  Five other dogs have meet and greets scheduled soon.  Success!

Dominic and Boris - AS6J2918
Steven and Diesel - AS6J2616
Ella and Hilde - AS6J2448
Audrey and giraffe - WP421790
Sarah and Apollo - AS6J2743
Eleana and Justin - AS6J2955
Ayla and Ella with lorikeet - WP421861
Kiera and Millenia - AS6J2461


July 6, 2015by doglando0

Today Camp Doglando went to Orange County Animal Services and Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando. This is an important start to camp; it contributes to the kids’ understanding on the issues of pet overpopulation, how and why dogs end up in the shelter, what happens to them if they are not adopted, the difference between Animal Services and the Pet Alliance, and evaluating our environment to understand its impact on nurturing appropriate behavior.

As we begin camp with our rescue dogs it is important to think about what issues found the dogs in this situation.  Was it an owner who was moving and did not consider their dog in the move?  An owner who underestimated their dog’s activity needs? Was it a dog who “could not be housebroken”? Or was it a dog who was “too difficult to train”?

Many things could land a dog in a rescue, some through no fault of their own.  These are all important issues to ask of yourself before deciding to find a dog that can fit into your family for its whole lifetime.  Opt to Adopt, and make sure you make an educated decision when choosing the breed that is right for you.