Overcoming Loss

July 16, 2015by doglando0

Today we continued working hard on all of the commands we have been learning as well as starting to advance those cues to higher levels of Distance, Duration and Distractions.  These teams are working great together!

In the afternoon we had a very special guest speaker Brian with his family, to have a very difficult but extremely important discussion with us.  Brian and his family had adopted a dog from our Puppy Breath program.  Puppy Breath is a program that is run by volunteers of the Doglando Foundation here on the University of Doglando campus where we take in a pregnant mother dog, whelp the puppies and allow them to stay with their mother until she is ready to naturally wean them.  We incorporate training, housebreaking, and socialization with various ages of humans and then adopt out all of them, including the mother, when they are ready.

Kenai was adopted by Brian and his family and enjoyed an extremely happy life with a family who understood his quirky habits of opening doors and embraced him for those quirks rather than seeing them as a problem.  Brian told the story of Kenai’s last day, where he played happily with a friend dog in their backyard with the family, and then suddenly passed away.  Understanding this very difficult time, and that it will unfortunately happen to all of us who love and live with dogs is an important thing to consider when adopting a dog.


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