K9 Nosework®

Intro to K9 Nosework®

We introduce the concept and game of K9 Nosework by developing your dog’s natural hunting instinct. The class focuses on building foundation skills to help the handler read the dog and to build the dog’s intensity for the hunting game. We will be working with your dog’s primary motivator (normally either food or a toy).
Prerequisite: None

Vehicle and Exterior I

We take the foundation skills developed in the Introductory class and expose the dogs to different environments including vehicles and small exterior areas. We continue to work with your dog’s primary motivator.
Prerequisite: Introduction to K9 Nose Work® (above) or instructor approval

Vehicle and Exterior II

We work on searching vehicles and exterior areas for the target odor paired with the dog’s primary motivator.
Prerequisite: Introduction to Odor (below) or instructor approval

Intro to Odor

The class closely mirrors the Introduction to K9 Nosework as we introduce a target odor (Birch oil) for the first time. The dog learns to hunt for Birch — paired with its primary motivator — with intensity and independence!
Prerequisite: Vehicles & Exteriors I or instructor approval

 Continuing K9 Nosework

We introduce Anise and Clove. Although competition is NOT the focus, we work on all 4 Trial elements (Containers, Vehicles, Interiors, Exteriors). Continue to develop handler skills.
Prerequisite: Instructor approval

Advanced K9 Nosework

We focus on handler skills, technique, increased difficulty of hides (larger, complex areas, blind hides, timed hides), speed and accuracy.
Prerequisite: Instructor approval. Dogs must be on all three target odors.

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