July 17, 2015by doglando0

Finally the big day has come, it seems like the 2 weeks these kids and dogs shared has flown past!

To prepare for our big Graduation we had a celebratory trip to the Dog Beach in New Symrna Beach!

All the dogs who enjoyed the water were loaded up with their kids and we made the drive out to the beach to enjoy a morning of splashing, digging, fetching, swimming and .. jellyfish collection?

After the beach we made it back to Doglando to clean the Barn and set it up for Graduation.  We shook off some nerves, filled out food pouches and worked like we’ve been training for 2 weeks in front of a crowd of eager watchers.  Family, friends, Judy and some of her volunteers as well as potential and confirmed adopters of some of our Camp dogs!

The kids did a fantastic job working with these dogs and turning them from rowdy untrained dogs to focused eager dogs.  Training doesn’t solve all behavior problems, and simply knowing commands will not do it either. It is important to remember that picking a dog that is right for you both in activity level and drive is an extremely important factor!

Great job everyone!!  We will see you all next year!


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