We offer more than just daycare.

We offer Enrichment.

Your dogs are always learning.  Why would you want them to spend all day learning bad habits?

At the University of Doglando, we engage and train with every dog who attends our enrichment program.  From simple things like walking on different surfaces, learning to swim, patience while waiting at entry ways, being flexible in play styles between dogs of different sizes, tricks and reinforcing obedience; we want to make sure your dogs learn something every single day.

We are not just a doggie daycare; we are the enrichment center your dog has been dreaming of.  The differences between our enrichment program and a daycare are twofold:

1.  Our environment is built with the dog in mind.  When a dog comes in contact with our environment, the natural, instinctive dog within him/her is evoked.  Our beach area is suited for the diggers, the lagoon and pool attract our water aficionados, and the massive wide open grassy field allows dogs to go into a full on run; all without injury to themselves or others, which often occurs in smaller spaces with a large number of dogs.

2.  Beneficial behaviors the dogs offer in response to our enriched environment are encouraged with reinforcers that help strengthen their behaviors, bolster future participation and enrich their relationship with our coaches.

three dogs on tiresLearning is Constant.

While practicing to hop up onto a tire may not seem like a worthwhile activity, there is a lot of opportunity in this action!

Hopping up on the tire teaches them to use their body in ways they otherwise might not.  This exercise teaches the dog to gauge their environment, to learn how to get all four paws onto a smaller oddly shaped surface, and to balance their weight to position themselves off the ground, while strengthening muscles not typically used.

Once on the tire, we practice extending duration by reinforcing the dogs while they remain on the tire with the distraction of other dogs are moving around them.  Creating such opportunities to learn helps build confidence and makes the dogs happy to engage with us.  But, they are also extremely valuable when applying them to real world experiences such as grooming.  (Imagine how experience with standing on a strange surface like a tire might bolster the confidence of a dog standing on a veterinarian’s exam table!)

We teach dogs through choices and opportunities rather than force and restrictions.

Yes, the gate is open, but you will be reinforced for waiting rather than rushing past.

Yes, you were playing with another dog when the Handler called you, but if you come you will be reinforced and you can always return to play in a moment.

By consistently offering opportunities to make better choices, followed by outcomes that reinforce those better decisions, we can increase the likelihood of those behaviors happening, and the poor choices will fade away.  In this way we empower the dogs to make choices, to try new things and problem solve.

This is why we say we are More Than Daycare.  We are an enrichment center.

Everyday, we enrich your dogs’ lives.  We want to help find what your dog is passionate about, and help them achieve their passion, whether that is swimming in our 40 foot Dock Diving Competition standard pool, digging in our private dog beach with natural sand and shallow entry lagoon, fetching on our 3.5 acres of natural grass, or sleeping under the many trees shading in our Jungle Gym area.

There is much to do, and something for every dog.

We would love for you to stop by and take a tour of our campus today.  We will be happy to schedule a temperament assessment for your dog to begin enrollment into the University of Doglando.  Please feel welcome to contact us with any questions or inquiries you may have.