Hopefully Asked Questions

Whether you decide to come to the University of Doglando, and see what we have to offer, or decide upon another facility, we hope you consider these questions and ask them of the people you are trusting in the care of your companion.

  • Do you segregate dogs based on size?
  • What are the rules for play?
  • Do you allow rough play? What do you consider rough play?
  • At what point would you break up the play?
  • How would you break up the play?
  • How would you prevent that interaction from happening again?
  • Is there outside play space?
  • Is it covered in grass or turf?
  • How often are the play yards scooped?
  • If the yards are turf, how are they sanitized? How often?
  • How often is water changed?
  • Do you teach the dogs anything while they are in your care?
  • What do you use for motivation?
  • If food, what kind?
  • What if the dog has a food allergy?
  • Do you crate your dogs at any point?
  • If so, for what reason? How long? How often?