The University of Doglando offers a completely unique option to dog owners in the Orlando area: instead of simply warehousing your dog all day as part of a “doggie daycare” plan, the University invites you and your dog to participate in an immersive environmental enrichment and learning program: our Enrichment Program.

Your dog will spend his or her day in our unique facility, which is part home, part playground, and all fun, experiencing learning opportunities which will help him or her learn new skills and abilities which will help when dealing with the real world.

Your dog can learn about:

  • Getting along with other dogs of all sizes
  • Working with humans of all shapes and sizes
  • Fun games which improve coordination, responsiveness, and cooperation
  • Swimming with our fantastic lagoon, full-size pool and diving dock
  • Agility, balance, and movement with our dog-oriented playground equipment
  • Self-control

Give your dog the opportunity of a lifetime by joining our enrichment program.

Doglando also offers dog training and puppy training, featuring our spectacular enrichment program scaled down to puppy-size and with an emphasis on potty training rituals!