Day Five – Kayaking!

July 10, 2015by doglando0

Today’s adventure is Kayaking!  Some of the pups, who are really nervous about the water, stay at Doglando to relax while the rest of us head to Lake Mills and board our kayaks.

All the dogs and kids did great as teams as they paddled about the lake.  A few of the dogs were so excited that they wanted to swim beside the kayaks instead of ride in them!  After paddling around for a while and having an epic splash fight we came ashore and played with the dogs on the beach area and had lunch.

In the afternoon we had a strong training and playing session with the dogs who had not gone kayaking while the other dogs rested.

The weekends are exciting times as a few of our dogs get to go home with their trainers and spend the weekend relaxing in a home. Quite the treats for these pups.


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