Who We Serve And Who We Don’t

At Doglando, we work with Dog Parents who are…

  • Life-Giving:
    • The Doglando Parent is one who is a conscientious parent, committed to revitalizing their dog’s life by giving them the power, life, and spirit to live fully, as a puppy, adult dog, or mature adult dog… the Doglando Parent imparts this Life-Giving approach through all stages of their dog’s life.
  • Loyal:
    • The Doglando Parent shows firm and constant support as an advocate for their dog’s total well-being, and makes no compromises to their dog’s level of care, experience of quality, and purpose of existence.
  • Empathetic:
    • The Doglando Parent demonstrates the ability to understand and share the feelings of others.
  • Adventurous:
    • The Doglando Parent embraces new ideas, experiences, and immersive learning opportunities that are full body and multi-sensory. They foster exploration and all four levels of movement (walk, trot, gallop and the double suspension gait).
  • Nature Enthusiasts:
    • The Doglando Parent hugely values the great outdoors that abundantly supplies their dogs with natural resources, a rich territory, exposure to other animals (and wildlife), mud, sand, water, sun, trails, and so much more!

At Doglando, we DON’T work with Dog Parents who are…

  • Non-committed:
    • Our work is only possible with, and alongside, Dog Parents who can pledge to take a position on the issue of safety, consistency, and the necessary course of action specific to each dog’s needs. This requires a high level of engagement, involvement, and commitment of time, energy, effort, and sometimes money.
  • Non-relational:
    • The relationship between you, your dog, and our Play Professors is an investment of positive interactions over a period of time. Our relationship with you and your dog must be of the highest importance to you, as it is to us. This sets precedence over convenience and the fast growth of our business.
  • Non-priority:
    • Life gets in the way, we get it. The behavioral health and total well-being of your dog takes priority equal to nutrition and medical care. Upholding this priority honors your dog’s life and existence in your family, and confirms your devotion to your dog.
  • Occasional:
    • Doglando is a lifestyle. We are not a drop-off daycare, nor a temporary form of care for short-term convenience. Reflected by the nature of our work, we are your dog’s “home away from home”; we are family, and we are entrusted canine life coaches.
  • Non-believers:
    • The Doglando Parent will defend the right of every dog to roam freely, to have the freedom of space, freedom of choice, and freedom to form social relationships in the manner that is most meaningful to each dog. The Doglando Parent has strong ethical and moral values for their dog’s right to play and be outdoors, in a way that allows dogs to be dogs in the most natural, least forceful, and kindest way possible.