• Camp Doglando Day Ten – Graduation!

    The last day of camp is wildly bittersweet.  We have some of our most memorable activities, with campers and dogs moving as partners and doing things they could not have imagined doing on Day One.  And then, having achieved this, we have to say goodbye.

    Today we woke up from our sleepover and made breakfast for ourselves.  Then we cleaned the barn — it has to be spotless for graduation!  Then we took a break for lunch.

    After lunch we went to Encore Assisted Living, where we brightened everybody’s day by letting the residents visit with our dogs.  Imagine trying to do this on Day One!  The dogs entered a strange building, met a lot of people they did not know well, saw people in wheelchairs for the first time, saw older people possibly for the first time, encountered strange smells and strange sounds and everyone did quite well.  We are so proud of our campers and our dogs, whose hard work made this possible!  The residents always love visits, and today they particularly enjoyed the tiny puppies, Moana, Maui and Kane, who could sit on laps.

    Graduation this session was in the rain, but even with the crowds and the rain on the roof everyone put on a spectacular performance, showing off all the skills they had learned over the last two weeks.  We even managed a swimming demonstration!

    Goodbye is always sad, although this session we did have several dogs leaving graduation directly to their new forever homes!

    Chloe and Jack - AS6J9387
    Ella and Charlie - AS6J9197
    Kylie and Maui - AS6J9226
    Mckenna and Kane - AS6J9272
    Tess and Titan - AS6J9340
    Taylor and Cobb - AS6J9427
    Dominic and Liberty - AS6J9165
    Kiera and Trinity - AS6J9402
    Audrey and Moana - AS6J9322
    Ella and Zeus - AS6J9160
    Justin and Carlos - AS6J9278
    Sarah and Tanner - AS6J9409

  • Camp Doglando Day Nine – Kings Landing

    Today we did some work training in the morning, and quickly cleaned the barn, but the highlight of the day was the trip to Kings Landing to go canoeing with the dogs!

    We can fit two or three kids and their dogs in each canoe and go around a short circular canoeing path or simply canoe up to the “swimming hole”, with the rope swing and the diving platform, and spend the day there.  There are things to climb on and logs to sit on and we can run up and down in the water with the dogs.  This is always one of our favorite trips!  Even though some of us had never been in a canoe before, we all did really well and had a great time!

    Tonight is our camp sleepover, where we spend the night in the barn (or even outside, if the weather holds) with the dogs.  Tomorrow we will make ourselves breakfast, and have a busy day before graduation at 4:30 pm!

    Justin and Carlos - AS6J8158
    Kiera and Trinity - AS6J8684
    Elsa and Jack - AS6J8994
    Sarah and Tanner - AS6J8062
    Kylie and Maui - AS6J9080
    Ella and Charlie - AS6J8262
    Moana - AS6J7912
    Audrey and Moana - AS6J7915
    Tess and Titan - AS6J9069
    Alyssa Zeus and Ella - AS6J8782
    Mckenna and Kane - AS6J8225
    Ella and Zeus - AS6J8957
    Tess - AS6J8901
    Taylor and Cobb - AS6J7881
    Dominic and Liberty - AS6J7596

  • Camp Doglando Day Eight

    Today was “nonprofit day” for us!  We have raised $123 so far in our fundraiser for United Against Poverty, and today we took our donation to their headquarters to get a tour and learn more about what they do.  UAP, partnering with a variety of local charities, specializes in empowering those who do not have stable housing situations to regain control over their lives through a variety of means.

    After a morning spent working on loose leash walking, we went to visit UAP.  We got to tour their discounted grocery store and learn where the foodstuffs there come from, and we also got to see their clinic and classrooms and computer lab, where they help people with a huge array of issues from domestic violence to resume writing to classes in activities of daily living (such as cooking) to simple medical care.

    We stopped for lunch on the way home, and afterward we worked with the dogs, adding chairs as a distraction.  Later on, we were lucky enough to be visited by Mari and one of the dogs from Canine Companions for Independence, another nonprofit!

    Group with Christina - AS6J7420
    Mckenna and Kane - AS6J7563
    Tess and Alyssa - AS6J7402
    Group - AS6J7376
    Kiera and Trinity - AS6J7538
    Ella and Charlie - AS6J7518
    Tess and Titan - AS6J7553
    Justin and Carlos - AS6J7560
    Sarah and Tanner - AS6J7555
    Dominic and Trinity - AS6J7542
    Audrey and Moana - AS6J7347
    Elsa and Jack - AS6J7564
    Kylie and Maui - AS6J7558
    Ella and Zeus - AS6J7447
    Taylor and Cobb and Rachael - AS6J7490
    Liberty - AS6J7541
    Cobb - AS6J7496
    Moana - AS6J7384

  • Camp Doglando Day Seven

    Today began with more training!  We polished up work on pedestal training and added the cone/pvc pipe, which is an object around which the dog is asked to turn, to everyone’s repertoire.  Then we cleaned the barn….

    …and went on a field trip with the dogs!  We went to Oviedo Riverside Park.  We stopped somewhere to get lunch on the way so we could have a picnic with the dogs in the park!  Then we spent some time just being out in nature with the dogs.  The dogs got to sniff, run, crawl, climb, and wade in the water, as well as move around on a very long leash so they could really get out and exercise.

    At the end of the day we took the dogs to one end of the field and let them run toward their camper, who was calling them (a “long recall”).  Campers had to get very inventive to get the dogs to run toward them!  Everybody enjoyed the running, but it was very, very hot and we got back onto the bus and stopped to get drinks on the way back to Doglando.

    Kiera and Trinity - AS6J6642
    Mckenna and Kane - AS6J7253
    Cobb - AS6J6916
    Kylie and Maui - AS6J6646
    Audrey and Moana - AS6J7272
    Ella and Charlie - AS6J7064
    Elsa and Jack - AS6J6771
    Alyssa Maui and Rachael - AS6J7264
    Carlos - AS6J6735
    Justin and Carlos - AS6J7146
    Sarah and Tanner - AS6J7308
    Ella and Zeus - AS6J7244
    Trinity - AS6J7042
    Moana - AS6J7192
    Taylor and Cobb - AS6J7310
    Maui and Moana - AS6J7293
    Tess and Titan - AS6J6932
    Dominic and Liberty - AS6J7067
    Liberty - AS6J6917

  • Camp Doglando Day Six
    Today we doubled down on crate exercises and their variations (bed, hula hoop, and pedestal). The dog is *generalizing* its crate skills — staying in place until released not just in a crate, but in a hula hoop, on a bed, and on a pedestal. The dog is also adding “getting onto a pedestal”, “lying down on a bed”, and a variety of other skills to its arsenal.
    After lunch we got to work for our fundraiser, where we hope to raise $400 for United Against Poverty. We all made nifty key holders with paw prints, hand prints, and other messages on them. Along with baked goods, we put these up in the Doglando store and are hoping for donations!
    We got out on a field trip today! We took a brief trip to Panera Bread, one of our favorite destinations. We took a walk around the outside of several stores, met some nice people who were interested in our dogs, and grabbed some food for a restful break before heading back to Doglando to clean up.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow!

    Carlos - AS6J6616
    Tanner - AS6J5937
    Dominic and Liberty - AS6J5886
    Zeus - AS6J5902
    Rockwell - AS6J5968
    Liberty - AS6J5873
    Taylor and Rockwell - AS6J5896
    Mckenna and Kane - AS6J6036
    Audrey and Moana - AS6J6544
    Kiera and Trinity - AS6J5999
    Elsa and Jack - AS6J5908
    Charlie - AS6J5891
    Sarah and Tanner - AS6J5954
    Ella and Charlie - AS6J5889
    Alyssa and Jack - AS6J6022
    Justin and Carlos - AS6J6004
    Kylie and Maui - AS6J6030
    Tess and Titan - AS6J5916
    Ella and Zeus - AS6J5844