Camp Doglando


The University of Doglando is pleased to offer exciting and educational camp experiences for children interested in animals, human-animal interactions, and supervised, free-form outdoor play.  Children can learn about animal care, training, and handling alongside adoptable dogs, or participate in our unique, themed Timbernook play camps.


Our 2017 two-week Doglando Youth Camps are SOLD OUT!  Starting with what qualities to look for in a pet and working through how and where to acquire the “right” dog, campers will experience first hand what is involved in caring for and training a dog, all in an effort to increase understanding of what a dog needs to live a happy, healthy life as a companion. Over the course of the two-week summer camp, participants actively prepare dogs to be adopted into awaiting forever homes. This summer camp is a must for kids who have wanted a dog, and parents who are not so sure their child is ready. We provide the unique opportunity for kids to work in teams training and caring for a specific dog on a daily basis, learning what it means to be a prepared and responsible pet parent.


Doglando is an official partner of TimberNook, a creator of innovative, creative camps which provide ample time for children to explore their surroundings, create, build, design, take risks, and dive into their imagination – all while fostering a love for the great outdoors. TimberNook camps are available in one-day and one-week increments, and feature all sorts of unique and challenging activities for kids of all ages!  Every day is an adventure!

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