Camp Doglando Day Ten – Graduation!

July 24, 2017by doglando0

The last day of camp is wildly bittersweet.  We have some of our most memorable activities, with campers and dogs moving as partners and doing things they could not have imagined doing on Day One.  And then, having achieved this, we have to say goodbye.

Today we woke up from our sleepover and made breakfast for ourselves.  Then we cleaned the barn — it has to be spotless for graduation!  Then we took a break for lunch.

After lunch we went to Encore Assisted Living, where we brightened everybody’s day by letting the residents visit with our dogs.  Imagine trying to do this on Day One!  The dogs entered a strange building, met a lot of people they did not know well, saw people in wheelchairs for the first time, saw older people possibly for the first time, encountered strange smells and strange sounds and everyone did quite well.  We are so proud of our campers and our dogs, whose hard work made this possible!  The residents always love visits, and today they particularly enjoyed the tiny puppies, Moana, Maui and Kane, who could sit on laps.

Graduation this session was in the rain, but even with the crowds and the rain on the roof everyone put on a spectacular performance, showing off all the skills they had learned over the last two weeks.  We even managed a swimming demonstration!

Goodbye is always sad, although this session we did have several dogs leaving graduation directly to their new forever homes!

Kiera and Trinity - AS6J9402
Justin and Carlos - AS6J9278
Ella and Charlie - AS6J9197
Tess and Titan - AS6J9340
Dominic and Liberty - AS6J9165
Kylie and Maui - AS6J9226
Ella and Zeus - AS6J9160
Sarah and Tanner - AS6J9409
Taylor and Cobb - AS6J9427
Audrey and Moana - AS6J9322
Chloe and Jack - AS6J9387
Mckenna and Kane - AS6J9272

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