Camp Doglando Day Eight

July 19, 2017by doglando0

Today was “nonprofit day” for us!  We have raised $123 so far in our fundraiser for United Against Poverty, and today we took our donation to their headquarters to get a tour and learn more about what they do.  UAP, partnering with a variety of local charities, specializes in empowering those who do not have stable housing situations to regain control over their lives through a variety of means.

After a morning spent working on loose leash walking, we went to visit UAP.  We got to tour their discounted grocery store and learn where the foodstuffs there come from, and we also got to see their clinic and classrooms and computer lab, where they help people with a huge array of issues from domestic violence to resume writing to classes in activities of daily living (such as cooking) to simple medical care.

We stopped for lunch on the way home, and afterward we worked with the dogs, adding chairs as a distraction.  Later on, we were lucky enough to be visited by Mari and one of the dogs from Canine Companions for Independence, another nonprofit!

Ella and Zeus - AS6J7447
Ella and Charlie - AS6J7518
Group with Christina - AS6J7420
Group - AS6J7376
Dominic and Trinity - AS6J7542
Cobb - AS6J7496
Justin and Carlos - AS6J7560
Sarah and Tanner - AS6J7555
Audrey and Moana - AS6J7347
Liberty - AS6J7541
Moana - AS6J7384
Mckenna and Kane - AS6J7563
Elsa and Jack - AS6J7564
Kylie and Maui - AS6J7558
Tess and Titan - AS6J7553
Kiera and Trinity - AS6J7538
Tess and Alyssa - AS6J7402
Taylor and Cobb and Rachael - AS6J7490

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