Camp Day Six – Loose Leash Walking and Human Dock Diving!

June 20, 2016by doglando0

Today we introduced loose leash walking.  The only rule (for the dog) is that the dog should be on the handler’s left side with the leash loose.  There are a lot of rules for the campers to learn in order to teach this one rule to the dog!  It is very complicated to teach even simple things when you cannot use spoken language to communicate.  The campers learned to guide the dogs with their bodies and with food lures, and the dogs (sometimes) learned how to respond to the campers’ movements and the pull of the leash.  (It’s okay, everybody — we all start learning at the beginning!)

In the afternoon we cooled off in the pool.  Now the puppies are learning to swim past the ramp and spend more time in the water.  The campers are learning how to guide the puppies around the pool.  At the end of the day we let the puppies rest on the dock and the humans spent time learning how to dive off the dock into the water and catch a dog toy on the way down!

Teena - WP421076
Ella and Hilde - WP420753
Haylie and Bella - WP420662
Jacob - WP420924
Eleana and Justin - WP420544
Dominic - WP420879
Kyla - WP420890
Jacob and Alice - WP420632
Alyssa - WP420940
Steven - WP420933
Kyla and Natasha - WP420551

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