Camp Day Nine – Kings Landing

June 30, 2017by doglando0

Today started off with some more work on “down” (adding distance, duration, and distraction) and recalls, as well as some loose leash walking along Colonial Drive.  However, we stopped by 10:30 am because the big hit of the day was canoeing/kayaking, with the dogs, at Kings Landing!

After an hour long bus ride we loaded up, three to a canoe, with either two or three dogs with us.  There were some people with us who did this trip last year and remembered how to canoe with a dog, and there were some new people who had never even canoed before.  Everybody worked together and now we all know how it works!

Kings Landing has a big open space with clear water, a sandy bottom, and a rope swing that you can grab onto and let go and land right in the deepest part of the pool.  It also has about a mile long loop of quiet river along which you can canoe and occasionally see wildlife.  Everybody at least tried the rope swing, or jumping off the dock, and everybody ran around in the sandy area with their dogs.  The larger dogs seem to like the water most — poor AnnaLesa, with her short little legs, did not like being in the water as almost everywhere was over her head!

Many campers took the chance to canoe around the little loop and saw some alligators and turtles and fish and all sorts of birds from the safety of their boats.

On the way home, we stopped at Twistee Treat (for one bus) and McDonald’s (for the other) and everybody got some ice cream.  The dogs slept almost the entire way home — what a day!

Tonight we have a SLEEPOVER…and tomorrow morning, graduation day, starts promptly at eight!

Addison and Xena - AS6J0928
Ashley and AnnaLesa - AS6J1610
Chloe and Jack - AS6J1639
Mary and Gracie - AS6J0890
Ella and Colton - AS6J1295
Alyssa and Chance - AS6J0827
Ayla and Softie - AS6J1076
Carlyn and Girl - AS6J0637
Peyton and Lynsey - AS6J1259
Peyton Lynsey Victor Chloe and Jack - AS6J0948
Rylan and Tanner - AS6J1457
Lynsey - AS6J0905
Audrey and Harry - AS6J1065
Victor and Softie - AS6J1100

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