The University of Doglando is a dog training, enrichment, socialization and daycare facility located in Orlando, Florida.  We are dedicated to responsible pet ownership in all areas of life.

The University of Doglando offers a unique experience: we are an enrichment academy, not just a doggy daycare.  Our enrichment program empowers our canine students to engage in activities which encourage positive behavior outcomes and offer opportunities for high level reinforcement, strengthening behaviors that we can use and apply to everyday life. Facilitating play between dogs of different play styles, and maintaining good behavior consistent to your home and ours, together we are achieving behavioral wellness.

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Our dog enrichment center is not just a doggy daycare.


Dog training for puppies, adult dogs, and pet owners.


Engaging, unique and unusual outdoor, fun summer day camps for kids of all ages!

Socialize your dog to other dogs.  Introduce your dog to exotic activities like swimming, scent work, and agility, and to important life events like grooming and vet visits. Prevent bad behavior before it occurs by enrolling your dog and yourself in training classes!

The Doglando experience involves participation of the entire family; yours and ours. Our job is to make the right behaviors easier for the dog to offer.  Your job is to commit to your pet’s lifelong education.  Your commitment to the enrichment program is vital for the development of a positive relationship between you, your dog and our campus coaches, which allows us to build upon our interactions over time.  These interactions are vital in getting to know your dog and help us relate to each dog on an individual basis.